Raising of UK terror threat level

With the raising of the UK terror threat level from substantial to severe are there any implications for cadet forces?

I’m trying to find the necessary information on bader but can’t locate anything specific. Any pointers to bader info will be welcome.
I’m not looking for posts on here for specific details which could ‘aid’ any outside reader.

However with no specific identified risk this may be an unnecessary post.

It should be business as usual, but ensure you carry out the usual security procedures with diligence and maybe be a little more aware of possible threat.

I check as got cadets out in public over weekend and there is no info at the min so it’s SOPs till told otherwise

see the scrolling announcement banner on Sharepoint


in short carry on as you are
with no specific known threat pointless the CF changing our ways if those who should be in the know dont know what the treat maybe!

Maybe we could brief cadets on the non-effectiveness and outrageous behavior of current and former Governments that have increased the “threat” level in the first place?

Or just do some enjoyable cadet activities? :?

You mean like accepting an Invitation by the Afghan Government to help them? or helping tsunami hit areas? or medical teams in Iraq and Afghan helping locals?

Please take a seat over to the left somewhere, next to all the flowers and rainbows, someone will be along to hug you any minute. You might be waiting a while…
On the flip side Why not teach them the dangers of Religion?

Back on topic, All this is far too little too late, talk about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, mown down some kids, ran into a road and caused a 5 car pile up…

By failing to go all the way to Baghdad in 1991 you mean? Thereby removing the need to maintain a presence in Saudi Arabia and therefore not ‘occupying the Holy Places’ and removing Al Qaeda’s raison d’etre? I thoroughly agree.

Excellent. Anyone else? Glad to see cognitive dissonance is as endemic as feared!

Or indeed wilful ignorance of modern history… :wink:

Indeed. Anyway, this line of independent and challenging thought will get me into bother soon so I’ll sign off this thread.

^You call this independent and challenging thought? I call it politicalization and popularist anti-establishment rhetoric.

Welcome to the Air Cadets - we’re here to promote aviation related and adventurous activites. Unfortunately you seemed to have mistaken us as the Fabian Society Youth Section.

Asking the older generation here. Does anyone remember during the 70s and 80s getting security level changes advised in the media, when “The Troubles” were in full flow? Becuase I can’t and it baffles me why we get it now?

Because the threat level is of interest and relevance to the population in general and not just to the military. The response level changes do not get notified.

Because the threat level is of interest and relevance to the population in general and not just to the military. The response level changes do not get notified.[/quote]
As a member of the general population, I couldn’t care one way or the other. It strikes me as being a scaremongering control measure, justifies peoples jobs and covers the establishment’s bottom. They threat level may have been raised, but in my day to day existence it has no relevance. As I say can’t rememeber this sort of information being dissipated when I was growing up.

I grew up under bikini states so I really don’t know :slight_smile:

Indeed. Bikini & Tahiti sounds far more fun than it was…

Dear oh dear mr Noah claypole. Touched a nerve? I prefer to teach young people how to think, not what to think. Aviation? I understand we still can’t fly!!

Well, well, there’s a surprise, GHE2 berating the ‘system’ and complaining that everyone is covering themselves and has no interest in anything other than their own agenda! I have refrained from saying so for ages, but I think your blinkered attitude to pretty much everything raised on this site about higher authority in any shape or form absolutely stinks.

Yes, I do, but it was along the lines of ‘the public are asked to be vigilant’. The media tended not used as they are now and the military always had its BIKINI states to highlight the various levels of security alert posture about which the public were generally unaware.

Spot on.

As a person responsible for the young men and women of our society, you d**n well should care! Clearly you don’t remember 7 July 2005? Those innocent victims were not military targets. If you hadn’t noticed, terrorism has moved on a bit since ‘the troubles’, all of us living in ‘Little Satan’ are a legitimate target now. If the general public can do anything to prevent a terrorist incident, they need to know that they can.

Get your head out of your a*se and look around, unless you have some sort of cloak of invincibility, it is relevant to everyone.

So if you were walking through somewhere, say Central London, and saw something being placed by someone looking dodgy, you would do nothing, leave it for someone else to report or even worse let it blown up killing poeple would you…

As a member of the ACO, do you just leave things, not report things and walk around blind to your local surroundings. If you do, please don’t come anywhere near me. Bet you even leave the front door of your building open (or even the Armoury) so people can just walk in off the streets and look around at will.

Everyone has to be vigilant; that was the key back in the 70s and 80s, people would report what the saw. And it was put out to people in that way…