RAFAC Training Academy

There’s an job advertisement for “OC RAFAC Training Academy” at the minute. Seems to be a renamed ATF. What’s with the constant renaming of things?

I do like the fact they’ve made experience working with the RAFAC desirable this time though!


I wonder if it will signal a change in their remit to not only deliver adult training and expand in to a bigger training team.


This is all the empire builders know what to do!

To be fair, more training for CFAVs is surely only a good thing. We’re all always banging on about how there isn’t enough training/support for us as OCs, Adjs, TOs etc. Assuming this isn’t just a name change it could be really good!


I like the progression the ATF/RAFAC AC has gone on, over the last 11 years ish. When I did Ssic with the legend that is WO Mitchell it felt a bit like day 1 of turning up at Recruit training Halton every day… But that was the culture then so I get it and to be honest it did me no harm as a very fresh 20 year old

SSDIC was definitely an evoloution from that it was far more enjoyable and to be Frank we were taught like we were adults.

And Arms drill was just so relaxed, loved it and would do it again… But i think that’s only down to it being the last course (for now?) a SNCO would in theory go on and the level/standars you are supposed to be at to attend.

But I think expanding the team is a great option, I know I’d be up for running SSDIC if the opportunity came up to enable the academy to run another course at Cranwell that would be beneficial to the course whether that’s another Ssic to get more on boarded etc etc

Just need to be careful we aren’t asking too much from the volunteers that ultimately puts strain on the Sqns

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I think this is one empire that needs building. Bring ATF out to the CFAVs and run more courses that are actually useful to what we do.



Maybe something more vocational aswell

Also on a side note… When Halton shuts and its moves to cranditz will there even be room for us?

This is the issue…

I’m all for getting more courses delivered to CFAVs.

I’m just worried that all these secondary roles at HQAC, Region, Wing, take staff away from Sqns.

Sqns then struggle and close.

No Sqns… No Corps.

I also find it VERY odd that we are a youth organisation yet there are an increasing number of staff who will bend over backwards to spend time running CFAV courses, attend staff only courses, develop staff training etc etc.

Yet you ask them to run a cadet course and its ‘no sorry cant do’.

Think some people enjoy the ease of teaching and training adults instead of cadets a little too much. Some have even lost sight of the whole aim of our org.


Every CFAV, regardless of role should regularly ask themselves the questions…

‘When was the last time I planned and ran an event for cadets’

'When was the last time I attended and supported a Sqn parade night’s

‘When was the last time I helped a cadet pass a classification subject’

I would argue that If it’s more than 6 months for any of the above, you arent delivering for the cadets any more.


I prefer teaching cadets they’re sense of humour is normally at higher standard (and darker) to the CFAVs😉

But also see the benefit of sharing knowledge to more CFAVs to help the deliver of my areas of responsibility… More hands lighter work etc



But this statement is often used to by many to mask a lack of desire to plan, set up and initiate cadet activities.

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I’m guessing the name change may be in part a RAFC Cranwell streamlining thing as it brings us in line with RAFOTA (RAF Officer Training Academy) which changed when the DE SNCO training for aircrew moved to Halton and it could no longer be OACTU (Officer and Aircrew Training Unit)

To be moved back again whenever Halton closes?


At twice the cost.

I know CFAVs who have been been in the organisation for 10 years who have never “organised” an event but have probably attended more events than every other staff on their unit combined. Different people have different skills. Some people hate admin, but will give up as much time as possible to support others who don’t have qualifications required for events to be run


Apparently I need to stop organising events and just mooch off of other peoples admin…

Ok, gotcha.

You know that’s not what I meant…



This very much sound like it.

Qualified staff just rocking up to an event to support it.
But not chipping in with the admin burden before hand.

E.g. mooching.

Too many moochers…not enough people.willing to do the real graft in planning etc.

Any qualified person can rock up and take part.

I’m not calling you a moocher. I dont know you.
But as a whole, this org needs more qualified people AND more qualified people using their quals in the planning stage. PRIOR to simply rocking up and having fun.

conversely, “anyone” can do admin, but not everyone has qualifications.

I know many more CFAVs who’d rather sit in a nice warm office writing JIs than sit on the side of Snowdon for 3 hours in a group shelter in persistent rain waiting for a group

Fyi… I hate admin.
I just strap in and buckle down and get on with it.