This just aired (1830Z), you can watch it again here. Should be a longer Granada Report coming out soon :crossed_fingers:t3:


Trying to get National and Wing Coverage for you, it has already gone to Region

Ive just seen there post in Facebook!

It’s a nice bit of publicity, although the cynic in me also thinks, he’s been awarded the civilian wings, how much flying has he been able to do within the air cadets?

He’s too young for the Air Cadet Scholarships so a bit irrelevant really! He’s only 14 so can’t of even been old enough very long in order to even fly in our AEFs.

We may not get as many opportunities flying as in the past but I find that they get longer flights and get a lot more out of it. I don’t think the cadets would complain at more flying, but I also don’t think they miss it given all the other activities

I appreciate he’s 14, and we’re awarding him for his initiative of getting some flying himself while in Canada.

So in that regard, it’s all bit if a non-story, unfortunately.

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Pretty sure OP is the cadet in question.

It’s a big deal to him, and regardless of the report quality, it’s a positive story involving a cadet. So let’s not drag this into a debate about RAFAC flying or whether we think it’s report-worthy.

Congrats on going solo and for seeking out opportunities wherever you can. Keep it up and use your experience to help and inspire others.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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It’s fantastic - and I was pleased to see Wg Cdr Challoner on one of his last duties. My view is the © wings have been a great idea recognising cadets’ individual achievements at last.

Some of the reporting was a bit over the top and factually wrong - but that’s perhaps a good early lesson for you in life that the media get a bit over excited at times and make mistakes. But well done!


It was an interesting piece and all kudos to the cadet involved !

It does clear up a query I had earlier as this cadet gained their C Wings through private means on a powered aircraft to first solo standard - whereas the ACTO is clear that they should only be issued in this instance if a PPL is held. This really should be updated as some units will not be applying for ac Wings to be issued on the basis of the ACTO.

The piece also refers to the C Wings as ‘RAF Wings’, this would seem to be a bit of journalistic licence as one could argue that Blue A or G Wings at a younger age could claim to hold ‘RAF Wings’ also!

(I believe there could others out there ages 14 by the way with C Wings as this is the minimum solo age for gliding in the UK).

I know first hand you’re correct.

Some journalistic stretching aside, going solo is a great achievement, C Wings is a good way for us recognise this… And who wouldn’t want the chance to fly solo in a different country?

The ACTO issue was discussed on a different thread.

Yes - the ACTO is out of date. 2FTS have confirmed to me in writing that first solo on any platform however funded will count for C wings.

Can we all have that in writing!

In an ACTO? :laughing:

I have it by email, unfortunately… I’ll remind them but I’d rather they put their energy into gliding!

PS I believe they’ve given a set for first balloon solo…

What… instead of the 10 minutes to write a quick IBN stating ‘C wings now for first solo’.

If it isnt in the ACTO then the badge cant be worn.
The ACTO is the law as far as this goes, not some email between people.

Happy the kid flew solo. But not happy, the RAFAC cant keep to it’s own ACTO or better still keep it upto date for all us commoners.

The RAFAC has never been able to keep it’s own policy in order and avoid contradictions with other policy . . .

I held a balloon once & jumped, thus was airborne.

Did it all by myself too, can I have some wings?

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Hmm. First solo in a wing suit?