RAFAC fleeces/jackets

Are there any civvie fleeces or jackets floating around that have “RAFAC” on them rather than “ATC”?

Why would you want one?

To wear on my body …


Short and to the point.

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I’d sometimes like to wear an air cadet branded thing rather than CCF when doing things just with the RAF section, or when on joint camps with the ATC so I would be interested in whether there is a positive answer here. I’ve got a RAFAC t shirt but that’s it

Do you mean produced centrally rather than an individual unit’s own efforts?

Either @OldNewbie

Part of the reason I ask is because I assume that ATC branded gear is now outdated.

Do you not mean ACO branded.

The ATC is still going strong… for now

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RAFAC is the overarching replacement for ACO, ie ATC & CCF.
The ATC is still what we are, like CCF is what they are.

The RAF part of RAFAC is just part of a branding exercise to include Air Cadets to make the RAF look bigger than it is, by virtue of this RAF Family thing, that has irritated a number of RAFA members.

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Nope, we’re still the ATC.

We’re the ATC in the RAFAC


Ah fantastic, I’ll just get ATC gear then. RAFAC seems a bit clumsy to me. Why not just say RAF Cadets? No point having Air in there twice.

Now there’s an idea going back many, many years that I recall doing the rounds when I was a cadet, but always debunked as “ATC” cadets would get confused with RAF recruits called RAF Cadets.

Because it already has Officer Cadets (both in the UAS system and in the ATC office cadre) so there needs to be some differentiation.

And I think, as Teflon has alluded to, that the old ‘boy entrants’ were sometimes referred to as cadets.

Ah I see, that does make sense

I’ve seen some quite smart softshell’s about - apparently if you get in contact with Green Frog then they can help you out!

I have a RAFAC soft shell from them and its spot on.

Why? Do you work at HQAC (HQRAFAC?)

You should be a proud member of the ATC.

Cadets are enrolled as ‘a member of the Air Training Corps’

Quite a few signature blocks announce:

XXX (Blah) Sqn RAFAC


Brassard…Air Training Corps

I don’t know why it is so difficult not to try to include RAFAC in everything.

No one did that with ACO.

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That’s like working for Ferrari and wearing a Fiat jacket!


@WO-ATC I am slightly out of the loop (I have not rejoined my Sqn yet) and I was under the mistaken impression that RAFAC had replaced ATC

Definitely mistaken, but I can see how you’d think so given some of the units/people out there and their rush to wear the RAF label.