RAF Regt Work Experience Courses

Does anyone know if the RAF Regiment work experience courses are still running? Have a cadet who is interested but can’t find anything on Sharepoint

Just nip down the the army cadets for a drillnight…

See if he’s interested in the Look are life course run at CTC or at certain Units for the Royal Marines, or the Parachute Regiment weekend Insight course.

Much more beneficial.

You could take some body armour to the range…

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Oooooh. Smash. Targets will fall when hit.

Hillarious - does anyone have any useful answers?

My advice would be to chat to your nearest stations ACLO.

However with many stations, for example Odiham, the regiment section do not do much of their force protection role. They are an all NCO cadre providing the annual weapons, first aid and CBRN training for the station.

If the person in question would be OK with that go for it. But if they want to see the “warry” side to the regiment, unless you are near Honington or one of the stations where a regular squadron is based, you need to be prepared to travel.

Or the other suggestions of an army look at life course might give a better experience.

To clarify, I’m talking about the ACO-specific work experience course that gives a good chance to experience elements of the selection process too - they were running a year or two ago but like most things on Sharepoint it’s tricky to find details.

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Selection process is the same as any bog standard infantry unit.

Turn up, do basics. Pass a smally range package. Pass out. Job done.

Home for Victoria sponge in the Mess.

I think it was closed down a few years ago
I don’t recall anything last year or the year before.

Do you have a Regiment reserve unit near by?
Sometimes they arranged weekends for the cadets to go along and get an idea of what they did and take part in some exercises

being slightly serious, i’d talk to local TA or regular units about what they might be able to arrange informally - if you talk to half a dozen units you should get something. logistically it may be a great deal easier than going to Honnington, and its still mud, rain, cold.

its also a good way to build up relationships with those units - and you might be able to chisel stuff out of them for your Sqn: gear, clothing, visits, tag along weekends…

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This is your best bet to be fair. Local Reserve units, not just RAF Regiment. Plus said Cadet might be able to see the light…

No it isn’t.

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Matt, the camps you are refering too have not been confirmed by Honnington yet, hopefully will know more next week, if i do i will post here.

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Yes it is. The RAF Regiment are a glorified infantry unit.

There basic training is normal infantry training. No matter how much they gob off about the “5 mile of death” which to everyone else in the Infantry role is called a normal “range package”.

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However the selection is a specific course for which practice gives you an advantage. Now if you’ve quite finished crayoning your opinions of the regiment over the thread, can you please leave it for people who might actually have a useful answer to the actual question.

the RAF Regiment…

and a few of us have provided several answers.

with respect, the only experience and practice that will give a prospective applicant an advantage will be exactly the same fitness build-up that anyone looking to join any other Infantry unit will need to undertake.

running, swimming, press-ups, pull-ups etc…

they may well screen for eating ice creams, wild exageration, and brassing up body-armour, but not until long after the applicant needs to have demonstrated their fitness and determination. a prospective recruit to the RAF Regiment will be required to be physically fit many months before any special tips they’ve learnt about beret angles, the tightness of trousers, and barrier control might put them 3 minutes ahead of their coursemates.

fitness, and coping with the physical and mental shock of both seemingly endless hard work and being cold, wet, tired and hungry. thats it, end of story.

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And double duffing in the Mess at dinner time.


Having done (DS’d) the Regiment WE course and having done Regiment selection, I can assure you that it is very useful for prospective candidates to do the course and I really can’t be bothered to debate further on the matter.

@Winki thanks for that - sounds like there is at least a possibility that they’re still occuring.

RAF Regiment recruitment process.

Selection for the Regiment is something different…