RAF Regt Work Experience Courses


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From the Rockery at HON:

There is the Potential Gunner Acquaintance Course (PGAC) and Potential Regiment Officers Course (PROC), but these generally target people in the careers office system and are a pre-selection requirement for joining.

Still waiting to get more direct information from the RAF Regt Recruitment Team.

So, perhaps a work experience cse with a taster of the PGAC / PROC would be a good recruitment tool if it could be spun up?


Or just use the already established Parachute regiments Insight weekend or the Royal Marines look at life courses.


That’s what the course used to be (or is, if it’s currently running).


Posted on the SharePoint Calendar today…

Calling Notice

40 Cadet places available for a Look at Life Camp at RAF Barnhill


RAF Barnham


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