RAF Recruitment Discrimination

What are the thoughts around the reported discrimination in RAF recruitment to exclude white males?

As someone from a demographic that has been traditionally underrepresented in many trades, especially aircrew and engineering, I remain a strong believer that it should be the best person for the job, regardless of their gender or ethnicity.

What as CFAVs do we say to white male cadets that have their hearts set on a career in the RAF - If this policy continues then through no fault of their own their aspirations will be dashed.

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What will I say? “The people responsible for this won’t be in their jobs by the time you come to apply, don’t worry”.

The RAF will always be open for those best suited to it, but the wait is long and the hurdles are many.


There have been so so many blunders recently. Blunders is polite. It’s a sign of systemic issues, rather than 1 or 2 stand alone problems. Lets not forget this one too:

I have even more issue with the most recent ‘blunder’ as it wasn’t that they were actively looking to recruit more BAME/female candidates, they were asking AFCOs to cancel all currently booked CBATs etc for non priority roles, unless that person was BAME/female. It was less of a ‘pause on recruiting white males’ and more of a ‘cancel those that are already part way there’. If I was in that position I’d be pretty outraged.

The SLT in the RAF need to up their game a bit here. So far this month we’ve had: Leaked documents showing the absolute state of the pilot training pipeline. All the issues with the Red Arrows. Recruitment ordering white males to be kicked off, but allowing all others to carry on as normal. And finally information showing the RAF have been artificially inflating their recruitment stats to look more favourable. Women and ethnic minorities being given jobs where there is no training available yet.

And we thought HQAC had issues…

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Care to elaborate? Assuming the info is not sensitive.

It’s not as if they don’t, but at least we know the rot in senior RAF officers isn’t just in the no marks we get sent our way…

But all this also means it’s far less likely that the RAF will be remotely bothered about “fixing” the air cadets, given they can’t run their own train set properly.



The Reds;


I think it’s a safe punt that CAS may be “encouraged to seek further employment elsewhere” soon.

I don’t think he realises the negative impact his wokeness has had on the those currently serving. All these revelations are going to make things worse.

According to the latest survey only 29% of people serving have faith in the appraisal and promotion system I wonder if that number will sink further now the RAF has been caught with its pants down with positive discrimination.


What actually living in the year 2022…given his execution according to the media seems to be a bit of a car crash…


And there’s more;

Group Captain resigned her commission over what she believed to be an illegal order.

RAF PR team just got a great Monday morning present…


If she believed the order to be illegal, then she has done the correct thing under the Nuremberg principles.

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Can she become a Regional Commandant or the next Commandant? She seems to have some integrity which the organisation could do with.


Recruiting from BAME groups is all well and good, ticks boxes and gets very senior officers the awards they so desperately crave, but there is one massive drawback.

As told to me by someone very well placed within ‘the system’, there is an increased take up from the BAME groups, but an awful lot are subsequently failing their security clearance checks because of their family backgrounds and associations with red listed countries.

The recruiters then have to throw the net out again to repeat the process. Meanwhile, John Smith is sitting at home wondering why he/she can’t get a look in!


Have you considered that attitudes and posts like yours are the reason the RAF needs to proactively try and recruit non white applicants?

You’ve essentially just equated every single person who is Black, Asian or from a minority ethnicity with being criminals or having a family history of criminality.

I am a little speechless actually, and find it hard to believe that someone in this century genuinely holds that belief. The only other option is you’re trolling, so which is it? Are you a racist or are you a troll?


What he said was that some are not progressing through the recruitment system until the applicant comes up against background checks, and then they have to be rejected on security grounds. Those security grounds trump all groups not just one.

Same things happen with the police, education and even the NHS when DBS checks comeback and concerns about their backgrounds are shown up.

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No, they said the disadvantage of recruiting BAME candidates over people with “British sounding names” like John Smith is that a lot of their families have criminal histories. Whilst John Smith wouldn’t have that because he’s presumably white and wonderful.

Clearly, anyone can have something come back on a security clearance regardless of ethnicity. That isn’t the issue. The problem with @Turbo’s post is they are saying it is more of a problem with BAME candidates and that John Smith wouldn’t have that problem, the inference being that John Smith is white and that BAME candidates are all criminals.

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So people called ‘John Smith’ have not been flagged up for their backgrounds. When I applied for the RAF in the 80s, my mother’s top manage as Director of Social Services had to give PSS a reference because of my Father’s activities in the 1950s. At that point my father had been dead for four years.

The thing @turbo flagged is that a lot of the applicants are second and third generation immigrants to the UK.

Sorry what are you talking about?

Go and reread the post. If you can’t see what Turbo is saying is inherently racist, maybe you need to work on your own biases.

i think you actually need to see what he’s saying, peoples histories are difficult to check at the best of times.

To be fair someone who is a second generation from an Afghan background is more likely to have family links to known terrorists than someone from a family that’s been settled in England, Scotland or Wales (NI being a different situation) for hundreds of years and those families are more likely to be white. That could cause problems with a security check, though it isn’t necessarily an auto bar.

Likewise proportionally black boys are more likely to have criminal convictions than white boys (Annual statistics: a youth justice system failing Black children - GOV.UK). Very few people will argue these days that it’s because black people are inherently naughty. We need to continue to resolve problems with economic inequality, social isolation, and conscious and unconscious bias at all levels of the justice system to change this.

What he was saying may have some truth, but it was put in a rather inelegant way. But this shouldn’t be a barrier, rather than going down the positive discrimination route we should be looking at whether the current system is suitable.


Ok, I can appreciate I read more into the comment than may have been intended and I’m sorry.