RAF Club under threat


The RAF club in London is under exceptional financial strain due covid 19.

If you have never used the club it is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon or a night away.

Without wanting to drone on, it would be a massive shame if it were to fail due the pandemic.

They have established a just giving page so that they can avoid as many staff redundancies as possible.

If you can, every £ helps.

Their staff are all in the RAF family too.


Thank you!


Is the RAF Club open to all members of staff?

Just officers

Can’t be the only ‘club’ in London having issues, Army and Navy types will be the same.

Good that it stayed open for ‘passing trade’

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I wonder if other CFAvs would be eligible under “associate” or “affiliate” membership (not that, financially, it’d make much sense tho)

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I think others have the Union Jack club?

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good point well made… especially since I’ve stayed there (as a result of my Dad being a retired RAF SNCO)

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I’ve been a member for years but never got around to visiting the place. I was intending to go this year but covid put the mockers on that.

Or the Victory Services Club - which is free and open to officers and ORs



I would edit that to ‘Just Officers’ and all their guests.

As an org (the RAFAC) we really dont advertise the benefit of membership there hard enough.

Even if you’re in Inverness, by being a member you can for example get affiliate membership for over 150 other prestigeous members only clubs around the country and world.

Either way, they’re part of the RAF family and I thought it worth a cheeky ‘advert’ here.


That’s a fair point re members guests, but only officers can be members.

And the affiliate membership is very good.

If it does go, it will be a sign of times. Lots of small hotels etc have or will go out of business, as will those who charge membership fees, unless they can reinvent themselves. The pub/hotel in our village became a place for “keyworkers” to “live” in from March to July, getting paid by the local NHS Trust. But it kept them going. Maybe it’s the time for the RAF Club to open its doors to everyone and lose the military exclusivity. Have a priority booking for all in the RAF family, not just officers / members. I’ve looked at the membership fees for years and wondered how anyone could ever justify them, unless they were in London a lot, there are cheaper places to stay in the same area.

By suggesting just opening it up to anyone I think you have fundamentally misunderstood the entire purpose of the club in the first place.

It’s pricing as a private members club actually isn’t that out of sync with similar, and is fairly cheap for junior officers - and once a member the cost for the caliber of dining/meeting room hire etc is actually very reasonable indeed… maybe more the point is that with a reduced RAF the customer base has shrunk.

Covid of course will have hurt it. Maybe they should be asking the RAFAC to put a message out to attract new members. It is likely that a lot of people don’t know that they can join… any RAFAC officers signed up for a year and going for dinner, even if it’s just once for the experience, would put some money in the till.

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100% this

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I seem to remember ATF including leaflets about the RAF Club in their course handouts. Not sure if this is still done though.

It’s interesting to note on their website they don’t include RAFAC officers as a member category.
They’ve got current, former, reserve (current and former) and commonwealth, and even UAS in the associate category.

Maybe they don’t want us, the hoi polloi.

Not on my OIC last year.

They haven’t updated it since the cadet forces commission, previously we would be under reserve officers. But they did write a letter which is in the CFC section on SharePoint confirming our eligibility. I joined no problems and have only held a CFC, never a VR.

It would have been around 2015 I was there so maybe not something they still do.

On the membership form it certainly includes the Cadet Forces Commission, so we are still welcome.