RAF Air Cadets Anniversary Challenge

Any one know what this is and if anyone within our org has signed off on it? Seems like a company making money out of other people’s logos and giving some (20%) to charity so no one questions it?

There is also this post.


Report it to HQAC.

Its surely a breach of copyright or trademark or something.

Whats the problem?

Encouraging people to get out and active, while raising money for charity.
And celebrating an event.


Isnt making money from another orgs branding for personal gain as a minimum morally bankrupt.

Possibly illegal?

But what charity? If you’re fundraising with ATC written across your chest then shouldn’t the ATC be benefitting?

Looks like 20% going to RAFA but the sqns are each charities as is the ACA (I’m sure there’s others but why should RAFA benefit from Air Cadet fundraising?)

I suspect the badge isn’t a registered logo . . .

Plus it isn’t Air Cadet fundraising

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Looking forward to @Aries input on this


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I know the “company” (1 person in her conservatory) relatively well and have done some events with them previously. I simply use it when I can’t make a formally arranged one, but I still want to participate in it and see where I come.

She’s done fundraising events for a huge range of charities - large and small - over the few years I’ve followed them. RAFA, RAFBF and RBL have all benefited from people undertaking the challenges this year.

People nominate a charity to be added to the waiting list. Once the nomination gets nearer to the top of the list, they will contact the good cause to make arrangements for the race and obtain consent.

So somebody at RAFA signed off on this. One would assume consent from RAFAC was granted. It’s the first time I’ve seen the ATC80 logo, so I assumed HQAC had a hand in it.

My beef is that we saw it via a commercial site before our own #communication

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Never done a parachute jump for charity? Or one of those more lucrative challenge events - tough mudder etc. They normally have a fixed entry fee to cover overheads, then make a donation to charity and/or you raise sponsorship.

This really isn’t that much different.

The donation of 20% is just the same as putting £2.50 in a tin shaken on a high Street or whilst bag packing. The rest of it covers the overheads. It’s not as brutal as a tough mudder and builds on the Couch to 5k client group, but it’s still getting people active and raising money.

To be fair as a recent running adict…id probs give this a bash to help motivate me to actually run when the weather’s pants

Personally I don’t see a problem but I think it would have made more sense do it with RAFAyouth or something along those lines


Quite a good PR opportunity. Lost.

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Could of been a good fundraiser for GPF

I think that was the problem. They were using the ATC name and logo without permission to raise funds for RAFA rather than ATC. Would be a bit like using St John Ambulance logo to raise funds for the British Red Cross. Similar organisations with overlapping goals but ultimately not the same thing.


Bit more concerned about Aunty Dawn questioning things on a public forum - I am sure she still has a contact list on her personal phone…

Could end up sounding like Ted Heath on the back benches (Was going to say Teresa May but Ted was much worse so far). Sure the Boss could do without that with all that is happening already


Aunty Dawn using Twitter for semi official business??? Old habits die hard, I guess!!

To be fair, If I’d just taken over a new job, the last thing I’d want is the old post holder phoning up every 5 minutes asking “Why is that happening?”!

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No no no. The LAST thing you’d want is to be publicly called out on something by them.

This is interesting - maybe being on the outside she’s going to view things differently…

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Or maybe the same but with the shackles off - we don’t know!