RAF Adv Trg Centre Fairbourne. Long term future?

This is a quote from the ACMB report. AT Centre. The Comdt ACO confirmed that the ownership of the RAF Adventure Training Centre at Fairbourne will be transferred to the ACO on 1 Apr 16 with Llanbedr to close. Wg Cdr PEd and the Org Staffs are currently working on the detail to transition by this date.

This may be a much better centre but there could be a fly in the ointment, see BBC report below.

Global warming may not be believed at HQAC. :sunglasses:

On the plus side, it will be easier for people to spell Fairbourne than Llanbedr.

And say correctly if your not welsh.

I have had many a great weekend and week at Llanbedr. Great centre and great location. Its a long way to the to the slabs from Fairbourne.

Would have been better if it was we are getting something to fly in!!

The old Jindviks?

If I recall correctly llanbedr is a job lot of portacabins . It was refurbished in the late 1990’s but I understand is now falling apart. It always struck me as being miles from anywhere decent apart from Barmouth slabs.
Would Fairbourne be any better?

Googling the interweb revealed llanwrst shutting. Another collection of creaky portacabins.

Nope - unless you fancy a quick trip up/down Cader Idris, everything is further away. It’s as far to get to the Barmouth Slabs as Llanbedr was courtesy of it being “the wrong side of the river”. It’s further away from the Snowdon Massif. It’s further away to MTB trails. It’s further away from nice easy L1 paddlesport venues. For most people the drive time to the site will be around the same as that as Llanbedr. The only saving grace is that the A470 is a reasonable road to drive on and was recently relaid to make it nicer - meaning the commute to the Snowdon area is a bit easier.

It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out… and how long we have “seperate” AT centres when a Joint Forces Cadet AT centre could be more cost effective long term… #whatdefenceyouthengagementreviewleftout

Is that spelt Fairbourne? Fairborne? Fairbourn? Fairborn? Farebourne? Farebourn? Fareborn? Fareborne?

Gotta love the powers of spelling…

given how easy i’ve always found it to book accomodation/facilities at Capel Curig camp or Kinlochleven, or indeed Oakhampton, is there an actual need for an ACO - or even joint cadet - adventure training centre?

accepting a facility - and costs of that facility - that will be underwater in 10 years strikes me as like buying a 200k mondeo on its first gearbox and first turbo. not clever…

But there is also the greater MOD politics to consider with the local MP making noises about job losses etc, so if they shift it to us it is still MOD and as a catered facility local jobs remain for now. Plus the cost of refurbing Llanbedr would also be huge.

not that I particularly want to move from Llanbedr having known if for over 30 years but I don’t think my opinion will count for much!

Incidentally it is nearer for the MTB stuff in Coed Y Brenin and still only 30mins or so to Bmouth slabs. Shame they are likely to stop pedestrians using Barmouth Bridge though.

Hmm, I wonder if it will be catered , or will it be like the two centres now. More or less self catered depending on course or activity.
Maybe the local MP doesn’t know that the current ACO setup has only two staff per centre.

my info was that the catering aspect was not negotiable and was part of the package. That in itself presents lots of issues regarding meal times, options, flexibility etc.

Time will tell with all things though, it is v early days for it. Big conversion works needed before Cadet units can use it.

It won’t be underwater in 10 years - that’s simply when the ‘managed retreat’ starts,

FDTC Fairbourne is a good 500m from the sea, so it won’t be the first bit to go.

Apologies for dragging up this thread from 2015 however recent news reports indicate the Village’s future is limited and wonder what do we expect to happen?

BBC News – UKs first Climate refugees

The Guardian- the villagers who could be Britain’s first climate refugees

Daily Post- North Wales village set to be the first in the UK to be made extinct by the sea


In short the council/government will not be ploughing any more money into sea defences to protect the village, it has as R4’s PM show describes, “been decommissioned” and the town is being “run down” over the next 15-25 years.

House prices have fallen through the floor and the residents are up in arms about the situation they find themselves in.

Now I recognise that in 20-25 years’ time a large majority of the current ACC members may well have moved on from the RAFAC so is a problem for a different generation, it is of course not a problem for a CFAV at all, but wonder does anyone have any ideas what the likely future will be of the Fairbourne NACATC site?

Although I expect policy to avoid its use during “storm season” to avoid any likelihood of being flooded on camp, will the RAFAC/RAF/MOD continue to fund this centre given its time-limited future?

By fund I mean invest in its upkeep and maintenance? I haven’t visited Fairbourne (or Llanbedr, but have been to Windermere a few times) so can’t comment on its condition but do we think the centre will be maintained up to the point of eviction? Or will those with the purse strings see the time limit on any investment and let the centre slowly fall apart?

Do you think the centre will remain open until the bitter end?

Is are we in the final years of a Welsh NACATC?

Will there be a replacement – what are the alternatives?

The centre is in good nick. I think they’ll keep it going until they can’t.

What we should be doing is investing now, in the next one. But we won’t.

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I’d put money on some run down building at Valley being turned into a center

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That would be a disaster. It’s already miles from Fairbourne to anywhere decent to paddle or walk.

They were aware of all of this when we took it on, indeed the RAF moved out in part due to this issue and I suspect that’s why we were moved in, to keep an MOD presence.

That, and because they wanted us out of Llanbedr because it was about to be flogged.

Not sure I agree with this. There’s lots of good stuff nearby, people just need to explore more and try out different venues.

An obvious solution would be to tag onto the RAF Adventure Training Centre at Cwrt y Gollen in the Brecon Beacons.

It’s a big site with more than enough room for another building plus the ACF already have a training centre there.

Obviously it isn’t Snowdonia but it’s better than nothing and you can do almost everything there that you could do in North Wales.