Queens Jubilee Medal - are there still people waiting?

Dear all

Can’t help but wonder if LASER is the only Region dragging it’s feet in sorting out Queens Jubille Medals for those entitled?
Know and understand the awards criteria but looks like some staff were missed out and now trying to get them awarded is a battle.
I’d say at this point - not really a gong hunter its more the time we all end up putting in and yet always nice to get some recognition…
Any other Regions in a similar predicament - I’d say how about Wings but that might be deemed a bit too near to embarrasing some Admin Staff.

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You are not alone :slight_smile:

I am here with you.
Though you’re far away

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doesn’t really fill me with much surprise to hear you say that!

Sad fact is yes because ATC are adding extra restrictions on it. I’ve done 10 years but because of covid miss out on it

The ATC didn’t add the extra restrictions. It was MOD and it affected all cadet forces and the reserves.

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This dosent affect me directly as I got in tranche. 1 but a number of friends and aquintances in various wings fall into this tranche 2 problem. Some of them the WHQs are pushing regularly and forcefully up the chain some of them having submitted tranche 2s over 12 months ago but are getting nothing back other wings have basically gone :person_shrugging:. I wonder if the delay is at RHQ (but this seems to be a cross region issues) is it HQ RAFAC or MODMO that’s the delaying factor here?


I’ve been submitted as part of Tranche 2 and that was the last update.

Yep, still waiting.
I was missed off T1 due to an error at Wing HQ (previous Wing didn’t put me on their submission as I was moving and funnily enough current Wing didn’t include me on theirs as I was still part of previous Wing at time of submission :roll_eyes:)
Current Wing has submitted me in T2 but that was 12mths ago now, I’m bored of hearing, just be patient.

All AEF staff were missed off the list so ~150 of us.

This idea that volunteers are medal scroungers really annoys me.

They’ve given hours of their life and now you’ve told them they’re entitled to a medal. Don’t shame them for asking for it!

Also, get a shuffle on. Prioritise it, because not delivering can be more damaging than not having the medals in the first place.


This. If we had been told it wasn’t coming then yes, some people would have flounced off. But most of us would have gone “meh, that’s annoying but there you go”.
Being promised things but never being delivered, in all walks of life is what really does the damage.


I was in LaSER Tranche 2; told in Feb that I’d qualified, still waiting for the hardware of course!

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Well as I was told it was from HQAC. Rule and I’ve do years 9 on the day of jubilee

Considering the same rule applied to all the cadet forces and an equivalent rule to the reserves I would strongly doubt it came from HQAC. We see on a daily basis how little influence they have over the MOD. I doubt they persuaded them to bring in those rules

Considering we all went through COVID and were all subject to the same “restrictions” (qualifying criteria) that were given to HQAC for them to follow, there’s surely a little more to this…

I’ve got almost 10 years as a uniformed CFAV today and was Tranche 1, receiving the medal physically just over a year ago.

Lucky you. 30 years in as a uniformed CFAV and I’ve yet to receive my QPJM.

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I know there are still problems on the flying side; I don’t know if @Black-dog is in that particular mire?

As discussed plenty of times before, we don’t really have any other recognition system in place either; at least not above a localised level.

Personally, I’d have no issue not receiving medals for CFAV service if:

a) They weren’t promised.
b) A suitable and feasible alternative method of thanks & recognition for volunteering existed.

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I think it’s also quite harmful that so many of you don’t seem to think giving up 6-12hrs of your week, every week just to keep a sqn going (attendance + inevitable admin creep) isn’t worth frequent medallic recognition in the honours system.

I’ve known so many cadet forces volunteers burn out over the decades and your organisations have totally normalised the gravity of your commitment.

Spend a little time speaking to people who don’t do this stuff and you’ll be reminded just how mind-blowing what you do really is, to speak nothing of the impact your volunteering has on people.