QAIC Requirements

Does anyone know of the requirements for QAIC, thinking of applying for the next one

Check out their website. how to apply


fixed that for you.

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boooooo spoil sport.

I think this is the best thread to jump in…

Look what I saw on social media… naturally nothing through (my) emails or CP. :man_facepalming:

(Nothing against 2491 Sqn - their post was shared by the main aircadets account)

(Also another post about a band camp… but I’m not going to thread creep)

DWW had it sent out via email today

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So did CCF

I’ve had it via email today too.

Social media says applications are open for QAIC 2022/23, no comms locally, does anyone have a link to content on SharePoint?


Yes… But I can’t figure out how to send it on here. The warning order is titled “20220601-QAIC 15 wo v1.pdf” if that helps

It’s in the SNI sharepoint site… because where else would it be. Document Library/Activities and Engagement/Activities/Training Courses and Activities/QAIC/20220601-QAIC 15 WO v1.pdf

Only way I can get the link to paste properly…


Emails out to Wings on Thursday. Notice plural, someone found a spelling mistake in V1 :roll_eyes:

Does anyone know the official requirements of it ?

From the QAIC 15 Warning Order

Eligibility. Candidates must meet the following criteria:
a. At least 16 years of age on 23rd September 2022.
b. Master Cadet or CCF Advanced at receipt of application.
c. Grade 4 GCSE (actual or predicted) in Maths and English.
d. Able to access an internet connection and have an email address.
e. Commit to attending all course training weekends. Dates are included at Annex A.
f. Graduates of course 15 will be expected to support the Royal International Air Tattoo or the 2023 National Air & Space Camp at RAF Syerston. Dates are included at Annex A.
g. Be able to meet the £100 cost of the course from personal or squadron funds.

Have you got the warning order PDF you could send me ?

I can link to it on SharePoint.

Cant access the sharepoint as it won’t let me


Yeah I am

It has been passed to all Wg Avn Officers for dissemination,so should be out over the weekend.