PTT Question

So I was just wondering something. There is a PTT on Saturday (from what I’ve read is some sort of glider simulation thing) and I was wondering if I would be applicable to go. I don’t have any of the uniforms yet and I haven’t gone to any other event as I only just joined.

Thanks in advance.

Probably not as you’re not enrolled yet.

The best thing to do is ask your Cadet NCOs or Staff at the Squadron as they will be available to guide you here.

The PTT (Part Task Trainer) is the first step towards achieving your wings and once you’ve completed this element getting airborne in a Tutor (AEF) or Glider will result in the award of Blue A or G wings to wear on your jumper.

To add to the above: you might find you get more out if it, once you’ve done your First Class airmanship lessons - and used your Squadron flight sim, if you have one. Then you’ll be able to focus on flying the thing, rather than working out what all the jargon means!

Well my registration form is filled out, I will be giving it to them tomorrow.

Assuming you’re talking about aviation Jargon, I’d like to think I already know what a lot of it is.

Alright, I’ll ask one of them tomorrow when I go. So you’re saying that the first thing I do to get my wings is do the PTT, and then I do stuff like the airmanship lessons as WestlandScout said?

That’s not the same thing. That’s you just starting. Being enrolled means having your own 3822, a little blue book, and you should be in uniform by then too. It’ll take a month or two.

More the other way around; you do the lessons then go to the PTT.

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Ohhhh okay. Thanks a lot.

When you’re 12 you can do your fam training and PTT. You won’t do any flying element but it’s a great introduction. Then at 13 1/4 you can do your blue ATP which is groundschool, PTT and some flying (either gliding or a tutor) then after that is your bronze ATP, silver gliding scholarship and finally gold wings if you’re lucky enough and good enough.

Well I’m 14 so I guess I can do all of it? Thanks for the info. Will note it all.

I’ve edited this to reflect the truth of the matter.

You’re always so helpful


A lesson for life : don’t build people’s hopes up.

My longest serving cadets have been in for nearly 4 years and only 2 have done any flying in the ATC and both at the same camp, 2 years ago.
Of the remainder, only another 2 who did 10 minutes at a RORO day.
I only vaguely allude to flying when I speak to new cadets and their parents. We are supposed to be serviced by 5 AEF, so cadet flying is all but non existent, we’ve not had a detail in over 4 years (unless you include the one that was pulled en route). I’ve forgotten about gliding.
Now we have the nonsense of having playing on a flight sim,before you can get into an aircraft and these are not done as activities on the same day (ie turn up do the flight sim and walk out to an aircraft). I have been told that cadets have flown prior to the introduction of this have to do the flight sim. So do the flight sim bit and then wait an indefinite time to go flying, by which time anything you may have supposed to have learnt on the flight sim to enhance the flying experience, has been forgotten.

Alright, well I’ll keep this in mind. Sort of disappointing, but I guess that how it goes. I have and use a flight simulator so to be honest I don’t think I’ll need teaching anything that’ll be forgotten, but maybe that’s just me.

I think this a geographical issue, one of my cadets flew 5 times with 1AEF in 2017, others had 4s and 3s also.

I don’t deny it’s geographic, but we have to be open and honest about things, as it could be coming to others. It seems that the NW is suffering the same fate, while someone faffs around to sort out money for the runway.

We thought 5 AEFs move was going to be straightforward … how wrong we were and remain.

The way it has come across at CO Conferences when we have suggested using non service alternatives to get cadets in the air, you’d get a better reception in a synagogue if you were a holocaust denier, handing out bacon butties.

Suggested this at a meeting as I have contacts in various parts of the airline industry, reply was well the DDH probably won’t play. Says it all really.

We have been told that the DDH is the stumbling block, protecting mate’s jobs and the RAF’s monooply basically, as far we were concerned.

The entire ground school is on bader Fam-bronze in the relevant 2FTS folders