PTT Question



Why is this not on ultilearn? If it is designed to be instructional material it should be.

Does it have a logical name, such that if someone put PTT into the search on SharePoint it would appear? I know, I know I’m asking too much of the HQAC minions and mandarins to think like this, but it would nice to have files with logical names not have something couched in odd acronyms or abbreviations.


Why does it need to be on ultilearn? The cadet of people that deliver it know where it is.


For cadet read cadre…


I’m no lover of ultilearn, it is possibly the worst piece of software I’ve had the misfortune to come across.
Disregarding this, for consistency.
One of the problems we have is things scattered all over the place just because the people at HQAC and elsewhere are bone idle and just put things in random places and expect us to find them. Then when we’ve got used to it, they change the name and or location.
IMO they should do two things, only use ultilearn for exams and put all training materials on sharepoint in relevantly named directories.