Progressive Training Badges


I’ve been told tonight our Sqn’s Blue Badges are “On the way” Will confirm if arrive.


I hope that you’re not holding your breath, as that might go badly for you :rofl:


Arrived today!!! There is hope ;-D


Signs that the brave new world is on the way.


Sorry to resurrect an old thread.

A few of my cadets recently completed a YFA course. Badges have finally come through but I’ve been told by the person who ran the course that they are the old red badges, not the new bronze ones.

Problem is some of my cadets have got the blue Pre DofE badge, so they can’t just add the first aid badge like they could have done if they didn’t have those. Do they shift the red badge to the new position (ie where the bronze first aid badge should go) or are they not allowed to wear them as they are the old style & the cadets now have the new brassard layout?

  1. We should have stopped issuing any old badges back in April. I know, I know…

  2. I believe the position is most important, so stick the old badge in teh new location pending replacement by a bronze PTS badge,.

  1. Get your committee to buy some.

Bronze Badges

You shouldn’t need to, but the supply system isn’t really fit for purpose at the moment… :ohmygod:


Not sure about that link, moisty. Sure those are genuine and official?


The company seems legit enough - as to whether they are the preferred manufacturer, I couldn’t say!


For that price, I’d take a punt, and swop them with “official ones” later on, if they look ropey…


The official ones are produced by Green Frog. I’ve ordered from them and they are good badges for a cheaper price than the one above. They have a FB Page to contact them on!


Isn’t it wrong to buy badges that should be issued?
It seems HQAC is proclaiming incompetence at getting the badges sorted out and forcing squadrons down the road of no return. Once we start doing this HQAC will be “OK cadets are getting the badges and squadrons seem more than happy to pay for them, we’ll not bother”.
They’ve done this with rank slides already.
The question increasingly becomes do we need HQAC (and RHQs come to that) as they seem to be increasingly mightily incompetent at doing the basics. All they seem good at is passing the buck and inventing paperwork.


we “buy”/purchase/borrow/relocate No3 uniform…

is it wrong we need to consider civilian flying routes (BGA or civilian flying clubs) to get Cadets in the air?


We’re not scaled for N°3 so the things mentioned have always been the case.

The flying has been done to death but shouldn’t be paid for by squadrons or cadets.

Badges for god’s sake how difficult can be? The sort of incompetence these people show day in and day out would not be tolerated out here in the real world. We have people sitting around who with a few mouse clicks could get these ordered and delivered, just like so many squadrons do for “branded” squadron bits. If you wanted a badge for your squadron, after 5 mins faffing with some software and a few mouse clicks, they’d be on your doormat within two weeks. If they could do it via Twitbook, they’d have done it in an instant.


agreed - but does that make it right?

(i understand why it is, but there is an expectation to turn up in serviceable No3s which are not provided…)


I’m not saying it’s right, but until we are scaled for it, it will remain. But the badges are easy and so simple, any idiot could do it, although this obviously not the case.

It’s only in more recent years last 20 or so, that we invented a need for 3’s and even shorter period that anyone has got vaguely excited about what it looks like. The latter normally people with too much time on their hands.


Email today from WSO - don’t bother asking for (comms) badges, there are none, there’s no money to buy more, nor will there be for a long time.

This really grips me, lots. We have the ‘motivational tools’ associated with PTS etc and then are unable to provide the badges. I’m not even going to swing by the brewery to prove that the up hasn’t been organised. Come on HQAC - do better.


I know you shouldn’t have to, but for the benefit of the cadets just buy them yourselves to issue.


I’m doing that, through CivCom. Very tempted to deduct the cost from WG/Corps subs but that would be just petulant and of course against the rules.

Does Comdt realise that whilst she’s doing the whole Military Tourism bit (Gib lats week), including obligatory twitter-selfie, the majority of her ‘charges’ are not getting the best Cadet Experience due to the ineptitude of the organisation?

/rant over


Fixed that for you.


Excuse my possible naiviety here but has someone actually challenged her directly with things like this rather than going through official channels where the concerns may be being watered down?

I’d love to hear her response. Although it would possibly be a politicians answer.