Progressive Training Badges


Can anybody remember “Ask the commandant” under Moulds?


Yep. I bet Auntie Dawn wouldn’t dare put the same in place. She’d be inundated!


We’ve basically got it. It’s under the VoV site.


There is the VoV one and the CFC one, both are managed by RC(N)

Not direct to the commandant though - though I would argue that they shouldn’t’ be! As I recall, Gordon’s attempt was pretty much a disaster.


Rumours have it, that if you have a Silver/Gold Radio Badge, you qualify for a Blue Cyber. True/False?


100% false.
Mostly because there is no such thing as blue cyber.

There is a blue comms badge which is a hybrid radio/cyber thing, after which the streams diverge.
You’d have blue comms already as it is a prerequisite for higher levels in radio and cyber.

Bronze cyber is a few hours playing of being lectured at and playing on the internet. Silver doesn’t exist yet and gold is a week at Cosford because the RAF needs to recruit more specialists :wink:


Not entirely true. Blue comms is not a prerequisite to bronze cyber. The only stipulation is 14+ Leading Cadets.


Bizarrely you appear to be correct.
I suppose there is logic to it. Blue comms is 95% radio stuff and a bolt-on video about the internet, so it isn’t particularly relevant to the “cyber” stream.


Would it be possible to go straight to the gold cyber course or would you have to progress through it step by step?


People have gone straight to gold cyber in the past, but the system is new an that may not be an option any more.
You’d need to check the paperwork for the gold cyber courses


I don’t know but it is a valid question and I will ask.


This note is available in the cyber area on SharePoint:

At present (25 Mar 18) OC Cyber , Wg Cdr McNeill,has not defined the selection criteria for the 2018 Gold courses.


Awesome, cheers for the replies guys, I’ll talk to my CO tonight and see what can be done :+1:


Is the said Wing Commander at HQAC on FTRS T&Cs?


Have the dates been released for the courses?


They aren’t on the HQ calendar on sharepoint and I have seen noting mentioned about them elsewhere.