Progressive Training Badges


We don’t seem to be having too many issues now - we bought a few badges to issue but now have recieved heartstart, blue leadership and pre-DofE through official channels.


To my knowledge my Wing hasn’t received a single badge as of yet.



Are badges going direct HQAC to wings, or have regions got involved somewhere?


My understanding is that Wing put in the TG71 direct to the Project Officer at HQAC who then dispatches badges direct to WHQ.

Based on everyone else I know around the organisation at least seeing some badges turn up I’m starting to doubt whether my WHQ a) Know this or b) have done it!

If the official supplier are now selling direct to u it’s you would assume that HQAC have all the badges they need?!


How are they selling to the public when HQAC are apparently still short?


I don’t think HQAC are short - there seems to be a blockage in the pipeline somewhere between HQAC and WHQ. From the rumours I’ve heard, the problem sounds more like a logistical issue, rather than a supplier issue.


Thanks for clarifying


Do you happen to have a web link for that company? Just in case there is another dry spell!!


The issue is the cost. Public funds have apparently rejected the request to pay them so the request has now gone to GPF.

HQAC have badges, but not enough personnel or volunteers to pack the badges to send them to Wings.


There are type people out there who would happily do this during the day for the better of the organisation all for equipment (order line, envelope and stamps)


It’s just incompetence at the highest levels and in all things. If they are that strapped I’ll take a bus load of cadets up once a month and use it as DofE volunteering!


Rather off topic, but I do like that their website promises Quality & Detail
Guarenteed [sic]


But that would mean HQAC actually get to see some cadets!
You’d probably scare them all into their panic room and no work would get done for 12 months as they decontaminate the place and try recover from it all.


Do I understand this correctly, badges that form part of the Corps training programme have to be funded from “Squadron Funds”?


My solution to the entire problem would be to dis-establish the Rgns and use the funds to invest in more HQAC-based staff (incl logistical staff) and to pay for the badging.

AND that would probably leave a surplus of funds.


IIRC that’s what DYER suggested, but as it removed whole tiers of pension and lifestyle protection, it was a bridge too far for HQAC.

I remember briefing a now officer on the different command structures around 5/6 years ago, all of which chopped the ATCs higher structure. None of which served any real purpose then and still doesn’t. I find it incredulous that (as suggested in another thread) they are looking at culling squadrons, which is a nonsense, when the ‘head office’ is unscathed. Less squadrons = less cadets = less need for senior management. Less senior management on the other hand would go unnoticed.

If HQAC had signed off on DYER we might have a healthier ATC now.


Some of us have experience of running purple cadet units we’d be happy to share…



I have cadet who has done the CVQO Leadership award, am In correct in my understanding that they won’t be entitled to wear any badge (blue to Gold) to say he successfully completed this course?


Get onto HQAC and tell them. Sure to go down like cold mixed veg soup.


I’ve asked my committee to consider buying a small stock to see us through the current drought.