Process to apply for MOD90

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I found out from my Wing HQ this morning that my paperwork is back from HQAC and I’m now officially back! What is the process for applying for an ID card please?

Many thanks in advance. :wink:


I’ve got to do this too.

There is a form on SharePoint that you fill in and give to wing. I forget the number.

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BPSS and SC complete? If not, do them first.

Assuming they did a BPSS as they should have done…

And then you’ve completed an SC…

You need what we call form Pers 1-02, which is actually an F Ident 1024C.

If you need an SC then you need to speak to your WExO to get you registered with UKSV.

I’m also of the understanding that you need to have BPSS before your MOD90.

I got all the forms together with my OASC results. My BPSS is still in my bag half complete…

BPSS required for SC… SC required for Mod 90.

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All uniformed staff need to be SC’d now, apparently.

Should have been clearer… If he hasn’t completed his SC yet (I.e. “needs it”).

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Anyone got any idea of timescales for SC nowadays? Mine is coming up for renewal in the next year and dont want to have it run out. We still on 6-8 month turnarounds?

Mine turned around in about 4 weeks I think.


4-6 weeks for mine. Think I was quoted 6-8 weeks by the WExO.

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Allready done :slight_smile:

Does it come from ‘CV Online’ Candidate Vetting?


You need a passport photo. Uniform shirt and tie, no hat.

Dont try and game the system and wear anything other than this. They will reject it. When they do issue your MOD90 they will have cropped the photo enough so that you cant see what you are wearing.

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Is it one of these? -

Mine was through a secure gov link. UKSV.

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That looks like a commercial thing for businesses.

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I’ve just submitted my SC Form and it’s through NSVS on the .gov sites.

You’ll get a one time use link email once you are setup by wing. Took me about an hour to complete and check fully.

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Yep. Have to do an SC via the gov website now which your wing E1 should set up and send you a link to complete. Took me a couple of hours to get all the info and complete (as there’s quite a bit of detail). It was then approved within 4 working days! An F90 request form has now been sent off so let’s see how long that bit of the puzzle takes…

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My SC took just under 3 weeks, got it today