Printing a CV from SMS

Has anyone else had trouble printing a cadet CV, since the latest Bader update?

No problem before, but now it prints a screenshot of the CV including side menus, rather than just the CV in A4.

Why would anyone print it off? It’s possibly the most pointless gimmick I’ve ever seen


I had the same issue - I had to copy and paste it into a word document, which screwed up the formatting

Especially since you print it AND THEN have to fill it in anyway.

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The better workaround is to highlight the section, ctrl+p, then go into “more settings”/“advanced settings” and click on “highlighted section only”.

That should print the CV directly from the browser, correctly formatted (I have just tested it before spouting off and it worked for me).

HOWEVER, if you want to use them then I do think the best option is to print just the cover page (if you want it) then put the text into a word document for editing. The standard text is pretty wooden, uninspiring, uninformative, and too generic to offer any real value to a reader.

Because the formatting is top notch as it is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well it depends…
if you have cadets who are doing reasonably well in life that’s probably true.
I have printed a few of these out and happily gave them to some cadets who were getting nothing from school this was a big thing to them.

So let’s not knock it too much.

It should print fully completed no further staff admin required.
After all. Everything is already in SMS!

I advise cadets to integrate their cadet doings into additional qualifications and personal statement and then draw on cadet experience in interviews for the “what would do ….” and “have you ever …” questions. Not present it as a stand alone page.

Nice to have something to prompt them though while writing that, though.

I had the same problem, in my case it spread over 3 pages and wasn’t great. You need this for ACTO108 (The endeavor award).

Most CVs - go for one page. Anything longer runs the risk of not being read when initial filtering is carried out.

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The printing issue is still not fixed after 9 months. Need them more than ever with the number of cadets leaving!

@james_elliott is there anything that can be done?

If they’re leaving… do you need the extra hassle?

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It’s funny in my 7 years as staff not 1 cadet has asked for this, nor have I ever produced one either other than to see what a complete and utter waste it is.

It’s not worth the development time to resolve in SMS. Perhaps a re-hashed version that cadets can access via Cadet Portal.


Indeed. If they want it.
They can print it.

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We believe it is a useful tool and it has assisted a number of our cadets get saturday jobs etc.

We advertise(d) its existence probably once or twice a year, and if a cadet asks for one, either to help get a job, or simply because they are leaving and would like a reminder of what they have achieved, we will generate and print it for them.

Have you submitted a Helpdesk email?

If only there was a small booklet, something pocket sized, they could use to record such achievements which showed a history of what they got up to, experiences they’d enjoyed, awards received and levels achieved, all signed and dated by Staff… :thinking:


A big ‘if only’, shame the booklet can’t be kept up to dat with all the changes to the achievements available to cadets, such as PTS, name changes of awards and qualifications. :man_shrugging:t2:

Useful indeed, but not when a potential employer (even for just part time Sat job) wants an e-CV of any kind.