Printing a CV from SMS

It’s not that hard to write up your achievements into a CV. I would hope that they were doing that anyway with the cadet CV. If I was hiring and someone gave me the cadet CV without actually writing their own CV/covering letter to contain the relevant information I would instantly reject them on grounds of laziness.


For you. Others find it particularly challenging, especially wording it in a professional way which indicates the relevant skills etc.

What I think would be more useful is a pdf available on CP which simply lists relevant skills/qualities to each activity. Perhaps a little blurb about each activity too as a guide. None of this fill in the blank stuff.

It is when an e-application (such as a supermarket) won’t permit numerous attachments, if any. Skills / qualities “auto-completed” via a “cadet CV” would really help, especially those that struggle with wording / spelling / formal documentation.

Surely that won’t help either, if you have to upload minimal attachments you’d be better off writing them in to one CV than just bulk uploading a list of things you’ve done with cadets.


Possibly - but if the Cadet CV already included some standard “definitions” qualities / skills for different activities, that could really help some cadets; try to explain drill or shooting!

I agree, but I don’t think you need that on a CV. You need that as a knowledge article available to cadets - maybe @james_elliott could look to include those in Cadet Portal (i.e. How to guide for how to sell your achievements).


The cadet CV doesn’t even do what it tries to. All it does is list some buzz words with no real detail to back them up. It’s not a CV and is pretty poor as an aide to help someone sell what they have done.

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Outside of my span of control to be honest @pEp but I am sure that RAFAC-HQ-TG-TrgProjO would be receptive if you suggested that to him - he is leading on the creation of the How to Guides and all we do is push them into CP once they hit RAFAC Key Documents.

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In which case they are not just handing the cadet CV over without doing anything with it themselves. My gripe was the suggestion that people use it in place of a CV

I’ll give a suggestion later on then, thanks :slight_smile:

It was sent back in February.

Does a Cadet CV/record of achievement/E-3822 (for want of a better phrase) do that either??

The Cadet CVs I’ve seen have been just a list of events attended (in a shoddy format) …hardly an advert of the candidate.
Put two Cadet CVs next to each other and without the name its difficult to link it to an individual.

That is the fault of the booklet holder.

I’m responsible for my CV not my school, college or university teacher’s…why can’t the Cadet’s take their own responsibility?
My 3822 is accurate as I took pride in it (and still do).
Unfortunately it’s not seen as it once was as something to be proud of. Instead just something to have a photo in send gets the odd input for flying/gliding and shooting…(as everything else is up to the Cadet to look after)

I think they mean the 3822 hadn’t been updated to reflect the PTS so half the achievements can’t be entered in there and there will be loads of blank spaces for old qualifications making it look like they haven’t done much

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OK - have you followed up on the ticket?