Pride of Britain awards

Why is it only LASER wing cadets get the opportunity to do this? Does this not get advertised across the corps? I don’t think it is fair that other cadets across the country to get the opportunity

Because it is in London?


And it wouldn’t be cost effective to transport from all over the country

Yes but most major public events is in London, just because it is London it doesn’t mean it is fair that only LASER cadets should do this.

Same reason only LASER cadets get to parade at the Cenotaph on Remembrance day I guess. Logistics and cost

Some events require specialist skills (for instance drill ability), where it makes perfect sense to open it up to a broader group to get the best people for the job. Other events just require a smart looking cadet in a uniform, and in that situation it makes sense to get them from round the corner!


I suppose there is a parallel to RIAT: whereas that used to be a local event in the south of England, it was recently repurposed as a national camp with allocations going to units from across the Corps.

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I agree although part of the reason for opening up RIAT is due to its increasing size. 25 years ago it only needed 100 Cadets…nowadays RAFCTE require 850+ cadets which being a large demand and camp HQAC decided it was better looked after as a national event rather than by the local WExO (as it was back in the day pre-HQAC)

the OP raised some good points…
somethings SHOULD be opened out across the country

a couple of things i can think of…

when there is the fly past at trooping the colour Air Cadets are in some aircraft, can this not be extended to others?


the D-Day anniversary the ACO as part of the youth organisations took a promise to ensure future generations did not forget and make sure they were represented every year. the ACO has now became the RAFAC but the promise still stands, cadets from across the UK went for the first how many in the following years from across the country?

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@LRG76 Given it’s a one off evening event how far do you think people could travel?
Kids get off school at 3.30 get home, get changed, get to PUP and get to venue for say 6pm, to stand on a red carpet for x, while people walk past, then go home.

I don’t see how this or similar one off weekday evening events compares to RIAT.

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You have just put the nail in the coffin.

If they were to move the Pride Of Britian awards to skegness then the appropriate thing to so would use local cadets from the relevant Region

Think you need to get a map and know your Regions :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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… would be to put the nail in this fine Country’s coffin.

Fixed it for you! :wink:

For some reason I thought skegness was in the nosebleeds .oh well oxford is the north for me

You do get a nosebleed when you go there, but not for that reason.

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To be fair, one of my best friends used to think that Stoke was about as far north as you could get in England, and that everything north of it was Scotland!

Pretty much!

Easy for one-ish hr by train?

So Wimbledon is your limit then, assuming the trains are running overground or underground (wombling free)


Cambridge - Lunnon = one hr to Kings X, Luton - Lunnon St P = 28 mins, Peterboro - Lunnon Kings X = 50 mins, Reading - Lunnon St P = one hr, Dover - Lunnon St P = 1:05.

Either station -> Grosvenor House Hotel = 0.30 by the Tube.

Even with a buffer, less than 2 hrs in total.