Pre-Election Period

There’s been some talk in various places about the pre-election period rules around public communication, but thought I’d start a dedicated thread.

In case you are all not already aware, there is a stop order in place for all RAFAC comms. However, the weekly brief seems to have taken this a step further:

The MOD Directorate of Defence Communication’s direction remains to cease ALL communications that are not pre-approved. We have received a caveat that content relating to Normandy and D-Day activities can continue. If posting about these events, please continue to use caution to not post with any political links. This applies to personal social media accounts.

My bold.

Why the hell does this apply to personal SM accounts? Does this mean I’m not meant to be posting anything on my own Instagram story? As that’s what it’s now saying.

The bit crossed out was a mistake so that quote is no longer what is on the weekly brief.

This is bizarre and holds CFAV to a higher standard than reservists. When we are off duty, we are civilians and are not subject to military law.

Can you imagine someone trying to tell James Cleverly or Penny Mordaunt (apologies to any serving reservists standing for re-election that I have missed) that they aren’t allowed to post political links on their personal social media accounts during their re-election campaigns?

Edit: Personally, I use separate accounts for election campaigns and councillor duties: but someone with a large following wouldn’t want to start again with a separate account and no followers ([un]fortunately that never applied to me!)


It’s completely inappropriate.

I can sort of understand the stop on RAFAC accounts. I still think a full stop isn’t needed, just a reminder not to post anything overtly political etc.

But to imply I can’t post on my own personal social media account is just wrong. If I wanted to publicly pledge my allegiance to a specific party on Facebook, I’m well within my rights to do that.

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Apologises, that was an error on our part putting together the Weekly brief and has been updated.


The updated wording makes a lot more sense!


I agree with @JoeBloggs. Thanks @Dan_Holden, sir.

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The way how I see it is

Cfav and cadets should not post anything on public social media that is political that would in some how influence or bring the organisation into repute or similar.

A colleague has taken it we can’t even post on our closed fb group so in the event of the parade night being canx or events that have arisen we cannot communicate that way.

How are units supposed to operate efficiently if we can not have any internal restricted comms especially with the numerous events going on in RAFAC atm.

Add this to all the red tape we are currently getting. More mandatory training etc. what is the point of us giving up our time. We are volunteers end of. Not being deployed in artic or hot climates.

We volunteer for the cadets. But even they are being denied the full cadet experience these days.

Personally think this organisation is going down the drain. Too many chiefs. Too much policy and too much reliance on individuals good will. Common sense has died


Arent at any point now its a CFC.


If it’s fine for James Cleverly, who is the Home Secretary, a Parliamentary Candidate, and a potential party leader - and a reservist who is subject to military law when on duty - to post party political tweets during an election campaign, then it’s fine for you, who is not subject to military law, to post on Facebook that the Sqn is having a sports night on Thursday.

Yes, I know I’ve asked this question before, but where does the ACO find these people?


A 15 year old who spends a few hours a week with their mates can post whatever they want on Facebook.

The CFAV ban, whilst pretty nonsensical and utterly unenforceable, I could see as at least having been grounded in some sort of reality. Kids though?

May as well just ban everyone in the country from using Facebook, wouldn’t want B&Q being found guilty of swinging the election because Carol from the Dagenham lumber yard posts a #VoteX banner on her cover photo.


Let’s play a game!

XXX Sqn are hosting an open night next week for prospective new cadets. Come along to the Sqn from 7pm, to see what fun activities you could be doing.

Now….from the social media post above, am I trying to get you to vote for a particular party, or am I trying to help children get a head start in life?


Utter ridiculous. People need to apply common sense.


They don’t even need to do that. The stop order makes pretty clear it’s public facing comms only.


Not subject to service law at all since they moved us to the Christmas Cracker Commission. “You have no power here Scuffers”


So, what are the rules for the Police during an election period?

Advice has just been updated.

TL;DR is we can now post, but only under very specific terms.

It appears where in previous pre-election periods, we’ve worked on a blacklist basis, it appears we now have to work on a whitelist basis. ie previously there was a list of things we can’t post (anything directly political) where as now there is a list of specific things we can post about.

I am amazed however that " General Unit promotion, including adventure training, Duke of Edinburgh Award, flying, gliding, etc. Not approved. Content can be created but MUST be held until AFTER the Pre-Election Period"

I appreciate this one is very much not the fault of HQAC.

farcical nonsense. Our Bronze DoE exped is not going to affect the vote one iota.


We appreciate you appreciating this.


So we do things differently. I have asked cadets to go to school amd be creative with recruiting. Old school, like posters, assemblies, etc. Talk to friends and go to fetes etc
After all its what we did before social media!
Think outside the box!