Would a museum visit come under a PIPE application on Bader or is it under some other category?

Not PIPE, I would suggest Misc then interest talk / visit

Not Misc as it need Wing approval and Misc have no authorisation requirement. Other?

Who said it needs wing approval? I would definitely Misc it.

I vote Misc, why would WHQ need to authorise a visit to a museum.

In our wing it’s off sqn premises there for a PiPe
I would double check if there is any off premise criteria in your wing.

Your wing is wasting your time. My wing allows me to self-authorise local Fieldcraft training off premises.

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THIS shows just how many different rules there are for ONE process.

Our wing also request things like a museum visit to be a PIPE so the WExO can authorise Accts 4 / 1771 And Accts 80.

How does a pipe authorise pay etc. A pipe is clearance.

34 wings 34 different ways the same rule is interpreted,

For booking vehicles there is a section requesting the Activity number. Without the number it shouldn’t be processed

This is as part of a weekend camp I’m planning, therefore it’s a sub-application and MISC isn’t an option.

Your overall weekend camp activity request should cover it then. I have done a field craft weekend then on the way home we stopped at a museum and it was all covered under the same fieldcraft activity as long as it is on the program

I agree. You don’t need a separate SMS aplication unless the sub-activity falls into a completely separate bracket. So if you were entering into a sports competition, that would need a separate Sport App. A museum visit can just fall into the timetable.

If what you say is right, any Summer Camp would require like 10 different applications.

Summer camp is very different as the DDH is the Station Commander.

So, I should be fine to just add it as a timetabled activity and add the PLI certificate and RAs to the attachments rather than as a ‘sub-application’? Seems somewhat pointless having that tab in that case.

Yeah, It’s what I would do.

And maybe Summer Camp isn’t the best example, but i ran a trip to HMS Bristol where we stayed on boat and went to the various Royal Navy museums, ship visits etc. I just lumped that in one application with a weekend timetable attached.

Yeah for that sort of camp i would do the same. It’s when you start adding AT or FC or Shooting that it needs sub applications.

Ah cheers gents. Much appreciated.

As it happens @Baldrick I’m doing the exact same thing in terms of staying on HMS Bristol. I’ve never planned a camp before though so still learning the ropes.

If it’s your first one it’s well worth getting the application in nice and early as you are bound to make mistakes and have to make amendments!

The basics are the important bit. Accommodation (and food), Transport and Staff. After that everything is pretty straightforward. (I omit cadets from the basics as you need those 3 to be clear before you know how many cadets you can take.)