Pin the Medal on the Chest (Medal Placement and Identification)

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but looking closely there are two jubilee (Diamond and Golden) which typically sit far left on the wearer being “attendance” medals - makes me wonder what that bottom row is if seen as lower significance than a jubilee medal*

*that said it always nerks me that the CFM is left of the jubilee medals - by definition it is harder to achieve 12 years service than 5 years but yet jubilee medals are placed ahead of CFMs

CFM is only ever a part time award though, whereas Jubilee medals are for everyone. Same principle applies for Q/KVRM too, IIRC.

The real stickler is that “Long Service & Good Conduct” sit on the wrong side of the jubilee medals.

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yes but it doesn’t matter if you’re a full time regular or “part-time” CFAV we tend to be equally eligible (the QPJM aside with the requirement for minimum hours) just requires 5 years service

by definition 12 years is longer than 5 years thus a “greater” achievement

5 years of regular service is a greater number of served days than 12 years of cadet service.

The Jubilee and Coronation Medals are higher in the order of precedence than all of the long service and good conduct medals.

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This is the way


Accumulated Campaign Service, Army LSGC, and 2 UN campaign ribbons.

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I always thought campaign medals went in between gallantry medals and jubilee medals in the order they were earned, regardless of whether they were UK medals, NATO, UN, etc. I must be wrong.

Edit: Except that her first two medals are UN / NATO medals as well, which proves my original theory. What is different about those last two UN medals that makes them come after long service medals?

They do. Unless they aren’t earned on “UK” service. So she may have been attached to another allied force on those deployments. Permission would be needed for wear.


That clears it up, thanks. It also tallies with one of them being for East Timor.

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East Timor was an Australian Op I think


Yeah correct I looked it up after seeing the medal

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I remember something about the Gurkhas being involved as well.

But you’re comparing 5 years regular service eith 12 years CFAV service.

As CFAVs weve been entitled to jubilee medals this comparing 5 years CFAV service (for a QJM) vs 12 years service (for CFM)

I wear both jubilee and CFM but the longer serving medal is on a “lesser” position

In addition the CFM for volunting time which is on top of my carerr whereas regular serving personnel inc policebabd others get it simply by doing their job the jubilee medal

With the threat of massive thread drift…

Jubilee and coronation medals are considered a “personal gift” from the sovereign. So they rank higher than long service medals.

At least I think that’s the theory.


I remember being told something similar, because I was convinced it was wrong when I got mine back from the trailer.

Looks like a new gong then chaps.

Indicates to me emergency services will be eligible for this one. Clasps for humanitarian crises that have been helped with.

So COVID clasp? Etc etc.

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It’s not retrospective so no COVID clasp for it.

I still think they won’t do a COVID one as it will end up being such a wide issue to cover everyone who put themselves at risk (delivery drivers, supermarket cashiers, testing centre volunteers etc) that it becomes pointless, or it goes really narrow and doesn’t recognise civilians properly and causes such resentment that it backfires politically.


Genuinely quite surprised we didn’t already have such an award. We claim to pride ourselves on humanity and compassion as a country, particularly using the likes of Florence Nightingale and the foundation of the NHS as examples, so surely such acts would have had a centralised award?

I do wonder what would be eligible though. Even the less severe level is for events that require action at a regional level. I’m glad to see it involves international humanitarian events too though.

Now here’s a question. The small boats crossing the channel creates a humanitarian problem, especially when rescues are required. Could we be about to see a government that has had a rather extreme view on such crossing (describing it as an “invasion” for example) award the RNLI boat members this medal for saving the lives of those involved? Would that be congruent?

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Honestly have no idea of the specifics of it.

Just highlighting the announcement.

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