Peak District Accommodation & Activities

I’m starting to look at next year, so I’m looking at putting an Adventure Training Camp on in the Peak District.

I’ve used the area for DofE previously but that’s always been under canvas, whereas for this I’m probably going to be looking for hard accommodation.

I’m looking mostly at Taster sessions, maybe with a Silver NNAS thrown in as well.

If anyone has any centres they have used before for accommodation as well as any AT providers in the area that they can recommend it would be greatly appreciated.

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Totley Camp, it has dormatory style bedrooms with bunk beds (can’t remember exactly how many), kitchen, dining room etc.
The exact details are in JSP907, including how to book - not sure weather it’s on the BAMS system or not.

Edit: previous thread on it here. Totley Camp - Peak District

What Speedbird says. I’ve used Totley quite a lot and it’s a good facility. The downside is there is no dedicated adult accommodation; it’s two large bunkrooms, each with associated ablutions. Self catering too, with an industrial kitchen. PM me or drop me an email if you want more detailed info; I can give you the number of the chap to talk to about booking but last time I asked it was booked up until 2022.

Leek training area also has a series of ‘stone tents’ if you fancy something more ‘rustic’.

AT providers - loads if you want to pay for them. I live not too far from Leek or Totley so if dates work and I can help then I’m more than willing.

Walking, climbing and biking are all very close to Totley (indeed direct from the camp door in many cases). Paddling is less accessible; there are a couple of lakes over Leek way I use a lot but I’ve not really used any venues over the Sheffield side.

Do you know how many beds off the top of your head?

24 ish each room maybe?

I was thinking of this place too, but couldn’t remember what it was called! I’ve stayed there, but only for one night - the female staff used the main (very large) social area to sleep

This bunkhouse is pretty decent, and the location is good!

I have loads of photos of the accommodation at Totley. PM me with your BADER address if you want them.

Don’t do it. It’s an HQAC trap to discover who you are. :wink:

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If HQAC don’t know who I am by now it’s a miracle lol!

Cheers PM inbound

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