Parading in Jeltex


i trust you have dealt with people who have certain health conditions and ‘normality’ most of the time is difficult or impossible to achieve. If you had a cadet/CFAV in a wheelchair wanting to take part in the parade, would you stop them?


It depends, all we have to do is make reasonable adjustments. To be assessed on a case by case basis.


And in this sort of case it maybe ‘reasonable’ to wear a waterproof.


No, but I’d make sure they were dressed appropriately :slight_smile:


People in wheelchairs normally have a rain cover over them.


Wouldn’t the best adjustment be: put everyone in FWJ so that (a) the officer isn’t the odd one out (both in terms of highlighting a medical issue and looking neat and uniform on parade) and (b) everyone is warmer, drier and generally happier than they would otherwise be?


∆∆∆∆∆ this∆∆∆∆∆

I couldn’t care less why one officer is wearing a waterproof jacket in the rain, I’m very interested in why all the children weren’t…


Yes, a good way to phrase the crux of the question!


The term I used was ‘could’ not has.


Thread drift - at my RNR graduation at BRNC, one member of my division did indeed parade in a wheelchair having broken most of the bones in her foot on the Chivenor Tarzan Course earlier that week (didn’t march past though).


Would’ve been a good bit of phys pushing her round the ramps though :wink:


looks like they are both saluting there…

i thought only the VIP took the salute at a “Dias”


absolutely not.

with my RBL hat on we have veterans and the older members pushed along in parades. it is seen in the London Remembrance parade also.
i can’t see why that should be any different for the RAFAC


i know one such example - they were not in the photo, but because their photo didn’t comply with uniform expectations and when raised that the individuals were not corrected dressed the CFAV who took the photo decided to walk - it was the straw which broke the camels back in that case but with moral less than sky high for most if not all, it doesn’t take much for CFAVs to leave their F90 on the desk and turn about


Or even a ‘dais’…

No offence intended.


Another one of my campaigns… ITS DAIS!!! :smile:


You two pick, so I don’t have to… :wink: