Parading in Jeltex


Surely there’s quite a large middle ground (especially in winter) between too nasty to parade at all, and fine in jumpers?


Dynamic Risk Assessment and planned Wet Weather Program…….

Also the old jumpers when wet smelled awful. Have not had the pleasure of seeing what the ‘Val Doonican’ new issue ones are like wet - although not volunteering to share a minibus with 17 wet cadets to find out :dizzy_face::nauseated_face:



Absolutely, and that requires a judgement call - which is where professionally I’d say that jeltex would be an option (even though personally I might be thinking “pah… cotton wool”).


And did anyone look at the weather forcast fir the area and take waterprooofs anyway, which could have been left in a vehicle if not needed?


Photos are on Twitter; looks like a Wing or Sector Parade with number of banner on parade!

A number of staff in No1s, why didn’t Parade Commander make the decision that all staff were to parade without jeltex


I’d love to know why they bothered with a parade at all, it’s a great advert for the ATC… walk around a bit in the rain and then sit in a church…

The cadets don’t care about ATC history, maybe they should but they don’t. So why do we bother?!


I dont think the officer had a no1 jacket so use a geltex


If said officer did not have a No 1 should they have been on a formal parade?


Ideally not…but could of been in No2 without jeltex and not in a squadron/flight commandera role and i think most drill pigs would be alright with that. I certainly would be


For a different take …
This amplifies my comment on the historic sexual abuse thread, about berating staff because of some photo or comment on social media.
If you ain’t there first hand, keep schtum. If it’s a big parade and they are the only one wearing it, surely it’s down to whoever was in charge not the individual.
If this was a cadet and these comments were the same something would happen to those passing comments. How many of the staff on here talk to cadets about their behaviour on social media and yet here are doing exactly what the cadets would be potentially disciplined over.
Knowing how SM works it’s extremely likely that the person in the photo will be made aware and who knows, it affects them so badly they decide to call it a day and or they start to suffer with some MH issues. Which would not be a huge tick in the box.

Of course as said if it was raining that much someone with a bit of common sense says bin the march and just go to the church. If that was my squadron involved next year I’d be sitting in my armchair reading my paper and the cadets at their homes doing their thing.


Oh come on look at all of the photos they are in public domain. No matter whos in charge she is an officer if she can’t work.out that cadets will get wet in the rain in jumpers only, she should not be an officer or in charge. Its further insulting as it implies stuff you lot I’m ok I’ve gota jacket


Which i think this is why this thread has deviated so much. Yeah its a uniform faux pas, theres loads of them out there which comes down to how well the wing manages that aspect. I think if you manage to find the full set of photos the question should be raised should it of even happened. The cadets were at real risk to the elements


But if as suggested it is an area or Wing event, whoever was supposedly in charge should have told her to just go to the church if the march bit was that important. But as said don’t do it.

I bet there was someone who wanted to have a salute, hence the marching bit.


Which I think is why a Wing has introduced the ability for the Wing Staff to have some level of control over individual squadron’s SM accounts…


These pictures are from the press and shared by the wing…


That was my main “dress” concern when I saw the image this morning.

I would also question whether or not the parade should have gone ahead, especially since the organisation is currently very twitchy about climatic injuries. I don’t think they were “caught out” by a change in weather if one staff member and the entire band managed to dress for the rain.


I agree, that’s the main problem here, not that she was wearing a Geltex, but that she’s the only one wearing one.


same parade, someone in the party taking the salute.


The one thing that is miising here is that has the individual involved, could have a medical condition that would not allow them to get cold and wet as that may impinge on their condition with serious consequences as to their treatment continuing.

A GP or Consultant may have said ‘you are only allowed to take part if you are fully protected from adverse elements’ and the Wing Commander/WWO woukd have been foolish to disregard that advice to the officer concerned. That parade and participation in it, may have been that persons anchor to normality in a very dark world,.


True, but I’d put money on them just not wanting to get wet and not having too much of a concern about uniformity on a ceremonial parade, or the inherent unfairness being demonstrated.

In your scenario, I am sure they could have been found another role that would help to anchor them, whilst keeping them off the parade :slight_smile: