Parading in Jeltex

Oh dear. Since when was it acceptable to parade in geltex jackets

Photo edited to stop the moaning

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I have paraded my entire squadron in Jeltex jackets on 3 occasions in the past 2 years. Whats the issue? Do you know the reason why she was wearing it?

If not are you just looking to humiliate someone when you dont know anything other than probably seeing a picture on social media?

Ive certainly had to improvise when my No1 jacket decided to get damaged 20 mins before a parade, if it was raining and i didnt have a jumper i probably would have done the same thing…

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she may not have a set of No1s and it’s raining so It would be ok…HOWEVER… the cadets are not in FWJ therefor not acceptable having cadets wet and you dry

Also skirt height?

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Would’ve been better if the colour of the slides actually matched the colour of the garment
Oh wait… :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

Granted it’s a banner party behind, but worrying the Cadets are not in geltex when a member of staff is. Also there is a Cadet behind the WO, can only see a tiny bit of him, but looks not to be in a geltex. Banner picture gives away the Squadron location as somewhere ending in …haven.

All or nothing. Cadets on parade in geltex, staff in no.1 and getting wet, (been there done that), if the weather is so foul then cancel. Any staff who can’t meet the dress regs, give them a supporting role but not marching in parade.

Somebody forgot the meaning of the word uniform .Ive been on a fair few parades over the years and got wet too.Never ever wore a geltex jacket though.What was she thinking?

I’ve seen the full picture and can confirm the officer is the only one in a FWJ, the other staff are in No. 1’s and the cadets are all in jumpers.

I don’t have an issue with parading in goretex/geltex but a bit of consistency would be nice - not to mention showing a modicum of interest in the cadets’ welfare. We always chuck a load of spare jackets in our minibus for Remembrance Sunday etc. in case a cadet turns up without one and it’s hammering down.


I have tried to tidy the thread up a little. Thanks to Scrounger for editing the photograph, I have removed the comments which now don’t make sense as a result of that edit and another which was just insulting to the photographed individual without being constructive.

The comment about skirt length is fair, as long as the discussion focusses on how it relates to the restrictions in the regulations about skirt length, and nothing else.

My own response to the initial question as to when it is appropriate to wear Jeltex or Goretex jackets on parade is this: when it’s raining.

But only if everyone is given the opportunity to wear one. I stress opportunity here, for instance, if 29 cadets had a Jeltex and one forgot his, and couldn’t be provided with one. I wouldn’t let all the others get wet for the sake of uniformity, it’s never worth risking 29 cases of hypothermia for the sake of uniformity. The cadet without a jacket, may just have to not take part.


Could someone drop me a PM with a link to the full picture?

I won’t pass comment on an edited one.

*** just found it myself ***

It’s edited to remove the officers face and the sqn banner showing the sqn name so as to try and leave some dignity for the officer and it’s doesn’t seem like abuse towards her.

Cropped is more accurate than edited.


Pretty poor if you ask me.

My “professional” opinion is that if it’s raining (up to a point) and the parade needs to go ahead then it’s fine to wear goretex/geltex.
But I certainly wouldn’t be a happy WO with cadets in jerseys and an officer (or any staff for that matter) in goretex.

My personal opinion, which I sometimes have to lay aside, is that it’s a Parade - it’s meant to be formal! Parading in the rain in jerseys for a brief period once or twice a year never did us any harm when we were cadets.
I never wear my goretex on parade. No1s get wet? Pfft… They dry. As do I.

If it’s really hoofing down then I’d question whether the cadets should be on parade at all.


To be honest I am kind of in 2 minds here
The wearing of the jacket whilst cadets are in jumpers is just a big NO
The officer has a few things wrong with their uniform in general which shouldn’t be happening I feel.

On the flip side I know as a big guy at times I have worn things that I think looks ok but when I see a picture later I’m horrified at how I look.

There maybe some reason we don’t know about that may of happened too but what needs to happen is a friendly word from a friend, NOT some pacestick wielding uniform nazi as what may happen.

It would be good to hear how the officer truly reacted when they saw that picture but that’s a very personal thing and it would take a great deal of courage to openly post how they felt as most people will put a brave face on, so you will probably never know and I can feel sympathy towards her on that.


Im guessing that this thread will be seen by HQAC and a reminder regarding dress regs will be sent out…like the last officer on parade faux pas that caused the RAF to have coronary…


On a side note ive seen the original social media account this pictures come from and i’m guessing its a wing parade as the pace stick should only be carried by the WWO when carrying out his role on a parde. … the whole parade are in jumpers bar the one officer. The cadets look miserable and soaked through. In MY opinion this parade should not of gone ahead its far too wet to be dragging kids around a high street in.


they all looked like drowned rats… some questions should be being asked

I would question if this should be raised as a near miss.


I think we are straying Alex, but yes

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Surely there’s quite a large middle ground (especially in winter) between too nasty to parade at all, and fine in jumpers?

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