Parachuting Courses back on?

Your link is screwed

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works for me!

ACF jumping out of perfectly serviceable airframes

But, but… but what about waiting for the implementation of the recommendations from the review of the inquiry’s inquiry?

How can it possibly be safe!?


of course they are


Wonder how long it’ll take HQAC to realise why cadets and staff are leaving faster than they are joining?

New motto should be, ‘It may be boring, but at least it’s safe!’


Questionable at times… cough RIAT Cough


No Venture No Adventure.


Well the first IBN of 2024 is out, and it’s the final and formal nail in the coffin for parachuting. It is now gone, formally.

Who would have guessed the first IBN of the year would be axing an activity!

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But then look at the Safety Centre alert that’s just dropped to see why we can’t have nice things :grimacing:

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Bet the army cadets will still be doing it.

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We’ve already discussed elsewhere how the Army Cadets get to fly more than the Air Cadets.

And falling is just a very specific type of flying.


I am aware of CCF Cadets going parachuting very recently, including the RAF contingent. It will be interesting to see if the CCF ‘permission’ allows the RAF cadets to attend - despite it being against policy.


Back in the ‘good old days’ we’d just have stuck a different lid on the cadets and taken them to Army activities; then replaced the lid on return.

When Westminster was introduced we thought it would make that tricky - then it turned out you could pull the same trick there. Sadly, it now creates an audit trail


Not that I did any of that, naturally.


falling with style…


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That’ll be a no then.

DDH is the head teacher - it will be a school activity not backed by public money & can be done as an activity just for those cadets in particular.

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Wonder how many cadets were killed or injured on parachuting courses?

#When The Fun Starts, STOP!

Could you give a brief summary of that document, it can’t be opened by Cadets?

No capacity through the RAF provider, no capacity to approve any other providers - including the military “sport” parachute centres.