Parachuting Courses back on?

Have the parachuting courses resumed yet?

I only ask because I’m just reading an article in the August 2022 Army Cadet magazine, about how their cadets have been enjoying courses this summer at Netheravon.

ACTO 54 still states:

  1. FDTC Weston-on-the-Green. Currently, due to catch-up following COVID, additional safety restrictions and a lack of suitable equipment, the Force Development Training Centre (FDTC) Weston-on-the-Green (WotG) is unable to host cadets for parachuting and consequently, the opportunities to conduct parachute camps is suspended until further notice.

You mean the ACF (and likely SCC) getting to do things that we could once do, but now can’t?

That can’t be right. Doesn’t sound like us does it?


I noticed on the training portal today that the parachuting badge no longer shows on the interactive poster.

Im guessing thats either an oversight or basically parachuting is gone.

Is there even one cadet out there with this badge?

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Got to be over 16 to do it, it’s been banned for at least 2 years with Covid knocking off another… so I’m going to guess there won’t be any current cadets in the corps with this badge.

I note the ACTO amendment notes state “full rewrite to withdraw opportunities”. That was 2 years ago.

I don’t think they want us to do it anymore…

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Surely they mean “full rewrite to permanently pause opportunities”


This is sad.
It was a great course and great opportunity for the older ones.

Tally strike another lost activity.
Hey ho.


Blunties for you, get vertigo on a deep pile carpet.


As an ex-bluntie I resemble that remark…


Maybe someone could ask on Teams what’s happening with it, and mention the ACF can do it…


We’ll just get a BS answer about the RAF having higher standards to hold itself to with regards to safety and compliance as it’s the “domain specialist” . . .


I know of two, one from LaSER and one from C&E. Both staff cadets about to age out… I can’t imagine there will be any more now

Doesn’t this mean that it’s our area of expertise? And we aren’t the ones doing it? Something tells me that we aren’t the experts if we can’t even do it🤦‍♂️


Generally, we’re meant to be the experts in staying in aircraft until landing.


I enjoy that, but I also enjoy chucking myself out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft as well. A useful skill to have in case the engineers haven’t done their job properly


My first thought was: Rude.

Then I realise the calibre of aviators I had when I was back in work.

It’s a fair comment…

#threaddrift :joy:


Poor II Sqn, always neglected in the minds of the people and forgotten by those they haven’t reminded recently…

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I’ve seen on another post that the new Space Badges are possibly going in the position of the Parachuting Badge - this could be why the badge has disappeared from the poster?


A quick Google came up with………

1094 (Ely) Squadron air cadets complete parachute course | Ely Standard and

Yes from 2021 but all from same squadron, not bad :+1:

So, begs the question, if the ACTO was updated in 2020 to say that effectively the activity can’t go ahead, how did these guys manage to do it in 2021?