Paddling Venues - South Wales

Anyone got any good flat water venues in S Wales - near to MOD St Athan as the closest establishment?

Am asking via the WATTO network as well but any knowledge is appreciated.

Ideally I’m looking for a very sheltered / sheltered water venue with some uncontested bankside access and a nearby facility that can be used as a classroom. Ideally the venue would be large enough to do a ‘mini-journey’ within the remit of a Paddlesport Instructor.

Aware of CIWW. Also ‘the sea’ is probably not the right answer.

I’m looking at llandegfedd, near Newport/Pontypool. It’s not too far away from Crickhowell camp.

Launching fees apply.

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Hmm, that’s not too bad, although it looks like it might be a bit windy & exposed. Anyone with any direct experience tell me if there are sheltered bays that are almost always in shelter? It’s an hr from St Athan. Anyone used Crickhowell recently? Last I tried to use it was many years ago and it was difficult to get into due to being bumped by the ACF and something about providing properly qualified chefs.

Want to avoid camping if possible as paddling courses tend to involve lots of wet kit which isn’t great when camping.

Anything over 3WW way - Carmarthen etc?

What about the docks around Barry? They’ve got a Scout unit pretty much dockside and a Sea Cadet unit not far away from the waters edge.

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There is Llys-y-fran Reservoir about a 50 min drive from Carmarthen.

I do remember seeing kayaks on the water but that was a good couple of years ago.

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Yeah there are a few docks around which are a definite consideration. Need to check whether they are deemed ‘suitable’ for PSI and the mini-journey as I can imagine a concrete wall doesn’t provide much inspiration!

Contact Army Reserve in Cardiff? It’ll potentially offer accommodation and space - plus access to the Cardiff Docks and journey on the Taff… avoiding the trolleys and general smells?

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how about Llangorse?

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This looks a good option too, thanks. Mission of a drive for me though… I’ll be staying down for a couple of days and squeaking in some Pembrokeshire sea kayaking I think if we use this one.

Yup, Brecon was definitely in my sights. Ta!

And would the flat / G1 bits of the Usk be within remit for PI? (but then the potential faff of a shuttle!)

Are there local canoe/sailing/rowing clubs who might consider it for a donation?? The only one I know in the area I had contact with was Monmouth Rowing… and that’s probably too far away!

If you don’t shuttle, is it even a paddle?

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how about park and play at JJs on the Dee?

No, not in remit, very sheltered water only.

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ah, that’s PL territory?

Probably - some slow moving rivers are possibly PSI - I’d have to see the section. I’ve only ever paddled the Talybont to Llangydinr section on the Usk and that’s definitely out of remit :smiley:

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Need to caveat this with not being a paddler but am a South Wales native:

Cosmeston Country Park
Llanishen Reservoir (though might still be closed)
White Water Centre in Cardiff Bay.
Llangorse Lake.

I know one CFAV in 1WW who’s big on paddle sports and lives in the east of the wing so could put you in contact if you want.

I have the contact details for Cardiff Station if you want accommodation in Cardiff. They were keen to help last time I spoke to them, but we come second to army reserve requirements.

Cwrt y Gollen is great - not used the ACF bit personally but the RAF AT centre (Robson Resilience Centre) is good.

Interesting - never been here - can we book into it?

Cheers - this has also been mentioned by a friend of mine who lives down that way and is currently in top spot as the best looking option.

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I know people who have managed it, but think that it’s a case of personal relationships greasing the wheels. I’ve never tried personally.