Order of dress worn by Adult Staff vs. Cadets



I understood that dark-blue working shirts were the rarity, since DPC were in the process of removing them from issue/wear within the regular RAF for tech trades, and that this represented a strategic challenge across RAFAC?

The identical RN No8 AWD-style shirts were also being ceased, due to navy-blue PCS. To me, that would’ve justified a no-brainer contract for RAFAC (in tandem with SCC plus CCF(RN), sensibly) to directly-award to a clothing manufacturer somewhere. The DCTA spec will exist, and making them would be totally-straightforward.


The problem being is that our budget for uniform is £0.00. The RAF gives us it completely FOC. So although we could find a manufacturer really easily to make it, we simply dont have the dosh to pay.


Wait, they did a sporting event and then got changed into uniform for the final parade? That’s insane.


It’s still happening some places…


My favourite was xcountry

Cadets: Dress No1s bring sports kit to change into

Staff: suitably dressed to stand out in the track In inclement weather. Wellies maybe required.


I recall seeing something to that effect and also one about working blue and all bits of uniform, but oddly not socks or shoes, as we don’t get them for cadets.


The WWO will tell the CO to tell the SNCO to wind his neck in


I remember that event… people wearing shorts and not having time to shower (or a towel to do so). So cadets were putting tights/trousers over very muddy legs (and yes, they had tried to clean it off) which was quite frankly disgusting. The WWO then decided to have a go at every cadet who hadn’t brought uniform claiming they “should have known” to bring uniform despite their staff having not told them to do so.

(Yes, I am in your wing)


Just demonstartes the utter stupidity of the stick weilding bretheren at times.


When I was a cadet and my early staff years the rule for inter squadron athletics, swimming, cross country and 11 a-side football was sqn team managers in uniform had to wear uniform, hence team managers nominally CIs. The cadets had to wear uniform for it change to play, change back and go home. It took the best part of 50 years I imagine for common sense to prevail. Now it’s no uniform for anyone at a sport event. We did have one WO who turned up in blue, but then I think he had a blue uniform adapted to be pyjamas and was on a power trip.

I think the biggest drivers for change has been the removal of ‘open showers’ and the move to cubicles or no showers at all and the amount of time cadets take to get changed. Mind you there always one tart who spent ½ hour getting changed while everyone else was waiting to go home.


Narrow it down which WWO are
You referring? Male Or female??

The event every year states cadets in uniform and staff without.


Female - 2017 or 2018 xcountry, I forget which.
In fairness, she was also in No 2.


Yeah know who you mean…

If you think there is an problem don’t be worried about approaching staff.


I beg to take issue with your staff are lazy comment.

SOME staff ( mainly older ones) I agree are as you suggest but many many more are very hardworking putting in vastly more time and effort than the minimum to ensure a great cadet experience.



I’d wager that the single biggest reason that staff are found wearing a mode of dress which is inappropriately more relaxed than that which the cadets are wearing is not laziness, but simply that someone else hasn’t done their job properly in briefing them!

Do we let cadets pick and choose what they should wear for a formal event? Of course we don’t… We tell them, so that there is no possibility of confusion.
Why then should we magically expect that staff are any different?

Does the Wing field day have a final parade? Would it be appropriate for all staff to be in No1 for example? Then include it in the brief.


I’m going to pick on this one because we hear this sort of derogatory nonsense all the time and it’s toss.
This has nothing to do with being a DI.
This is a case of one member of staff being an idiot. There are plenty of instances of other members of staff being idiots whatever their chosen speciality.

If someone has a go at cadets on a DofE weekend we don’t cry “this just shows the stupidity of the Adventure Training brigade…”

I’m more than a little tired of the regular implication that DIs are all unthinking uniform nazis whose only purpose in life is to belittle cadets.
It’s not the case.


I think that’s giving some people way too much credit.

An example:

It’s summer camp, we have the camp photo the next day, it’s decided the cadets will be in Wedgewoods and tie. The camp com then turns to the DI Sergeant and asks the question, what uniform should the staff wear?

The DI looks across at me, confused, (we were from the same unit) I return the same look. (Surely the answer is obvious?)
He responds, that it the cadets are to wear shirt and tie, the. We should be wearing the same, as the staff should be AT LEAST as smartly dressed as the cadets.

This. Was the wrong answer. The Squadron Leader looked visibly annoyed, looked at the wall of previous pictures in the camp office, and using a CCF camp as justification, then ordered us to wear short sleeve shirts (AND chip hats!)

So we did. (At least, I did disobey his order to wear the chip hat, as I don’t believe he could force me to wear an optional item of dress, in fact, it was the only time all week I wore my SD cap.)


Aw, bless. Did diddums forget to pack his long-sleeved shirt?
I’d have been having words with the gentleman/lady in his/her office, rank be damned!


What a poor leader.
Elsewhere I’d use a different description.



On a former unit we had a “formal parade” in the shape of a enrollment of Cadets, this would be done outside as the time of year allowed for it and for ease agreed go jumperless - if it were cold, then within 10-15 minutes the Cadets would be back indoors

Despite being agreed the parade night prior, the CO came down in short sleeves and no jumper.
in panic he questioned what he should do - i made it clear, find a jumper and tie in stores, put on some rank slides and carry on.
(unfortunately that was ignored and only a tie was found making the resulting image a shambles as the CO continued in tie and short sleeve :confounded:)

so i agree, it doesn’t matter how strong a brief is given sometimes, there will always be an idiot out there who you didn’t account for!