Order of dress worn by Adult Staff vs. Cadets


Give it to them when they are there. You could do something over the Easter hols and if they are in Yr 11 or 13 you might not see them for 3 or 4 months, or ever again.


The only time I’d be willing to do presentations in greens is if it is shooting related.
Anything like classifications etc will wait until a blues night.


One of the most egregious examples I saw of this was a nearby wing’s final parade after a sporting event (athletics, I think), where the cadets were parading in 2A while all of the staff mooched about in civvies.


Ive never understood anyone who does that, you have potentially 4-500 cadets who are doing sports, to then make them all change into uniform is just nuts, especially with small changing facilities and having to safely store the uniform.

All our cadets have polo shirts for sporting events so that if they are having a picture taken they are in branded kit


Our wing has done that since…
it is even in the admin order


Your region (which I suspect is also my region) needs to put a stop to it.


Correct Our region But they can’t put a stop to
MUCH more serious problems so I won’t hold my breath.


My old Wing used to do that at Athletics, but they did also specify Shirt and Tie for the Staff. So we spent all day uncomfy where the Cadets only spent 15 minutes. (Still a waste of time I agree!)


i’ve seen a similar example but in reverse.

common sense prevailed in that the Cadets and Staff stayed in Sports kit, but the Wg Cdr, who only attended for the last hour for the presentations grip and grin turned up in what they were wearing that Saturday.
not in sports kit, having not been involved in the day, and not in uniform.

Now i know some will argue if we can’t expect Cadets to get changed for the final parade and presentations why should the Wg Cdr do the same when they are only turning up for an hour - but if someone is going to the effort to turn up simply for the presentation of awards, grip and grins as the VIP, they I would hope that they attended looking like the office they represent and not simply dressed in civvies suitable for the Officers mess.

if the admin staff and Duty Discip is expected in Blues for a sports event, why not the VIP for the day?


Yeah, we also don’t do that nonsense either. Authority and ability is not linked to the clothes we wear.


One of the adult NCOs on my squadron has decided that the Cadet SNCOs must wear their wedgewood uniforms at all times when the other cadets are in blues, regardless of whether the other cadets are in working or wedgewood.
As I understand it his rationale is that it makes them look more professional and makes it clearer who the SNCOs are. I argued that their rank slides do a perfectly good job of that and I don’t see him wearing his tie all that often. I was told it wasn’t my concern…


i get that, although its more about what is appropriate for the task in hand.

is it more appropriate to be wearing No2, No3 or Sports kit when instructing on the Parade Square?
is it more appropriate to be wearing No2, No3 or Sports kit when coaching on the range?
more appropriate to be wearing No2, No3 or Sports kit when dealing with an admin task?

I am not saying it is right or wrong, simply it makes sense that we have different costumes for different activities, if we’re not doing “greens” stuff don’t turn up in No3s, if you’re not on parade but the photographer for the Day, no need for No1s, if you’re not taking part in sports - no need for Sports kit!


Screw that…


I’m trying to get my WWO to adjudicate but no luck yet…
My OC won’t do anything about it unless something comes from ‘above’, as it were.


Really? I think this geezer requires a one-way debrief. If you’re an officer (I take it you ARE commissioned?) then he should be doing as he’s told, not telling you it’s not your concern.


I would say that if the cadet NCO’s need to wear something to visually prove (beyond the rank slide) on the squadron that they are in charge, they cant be very effective leaders.

The Adult NCO needs a word in his own head. Im assuming said NCO wears wedgewood blue and tie every night as well to set the example?


Haha noooo. Just a CI, hence why I backed down and raised my concerns through other means.

They’re pretty good, and one of them is excellent. I’ve seen him operate in a number of different environments and he doesn’t need anything to mark him out as a leader at all.

My point exactly.


Then you’re on to a loser from the start. it also sounds like you have a very weak-willed CO if he won’t do anything without confirmation ‘from above’.


There was an email out to all units a few years ago stating that light blue shirts were in short supply and were to be used sparingly when the ceremonial requirement demanded. I do not recall that ever being rescinded :wink:


Can you find that email? Ill wave it at my sgt when he moans that i am not wearing shirt and tie because i forgot to read the training programme… again :smile: