Order of dress worn by Adult Staff vs. Cadets


Quite possibly, some of the CCF officers had also failed to pack long sleeved shirts, too. Annoys me every time but it’s better to have uniformity across staff than a mixture (in my view, YMMV)


If that’s the issue, then put the cadets in working blue?


And again back around to the JIs…
I’ve never seen a set of annual camp JIs which gave any specific instructions for staff (beyond transport arrangements); and certainly none that included a staff kit list.

Those of us who’ve been on lots of camps may well have a better idea of what we should take than those who are new or relatively new to it; but why leave it to judgement? If we tell staff “you will need to bring - a long sleeve shirt, tie, jersey, &c…” then we at least limit the potential for issues.


I dont ever find the new Pilot officers or new Sgts are the ones who “forget” to bring bits of uniform, its always the crusty Flt Lt’s and WO’s who seem to be the ones and they should know better!


My experience agrees. Those who don’t bring long sleeved shirts for example often say “I’ve never brought one to camp…” They’ve spent too long getting it wrong that it’s become second nature.


corrected that for you


To use a phrase from another, it evaporates my urine to see a grandad WO in an ill-fitting, wrinkly shirt, trousers ironed with a cold mess tin, shoes that have merely been shown what a tin of kiwi looks like, and a beret that predates the first female cadet.


My local CCF RAF Section don’t wear blue!


What do they wear then? Just greens?


Hopefully something.


You’d hope so. Unless its some weird cult school.


Yeah really weird lol


A poor picture but spot the odd one out.

There are 76 WOs and Sergeants in the picture all but one wearing the uniform ordered by the RSM.


Genuinely took me a moment to spot it!

“oh, wait, that’s a person!”


Then they will, deservedly, be marked as ‘unsatisfactory’ on at least one element of their annual inspection.

I know it happens, but it shouldn’t.