Opinion of Female Skirt and Tights

What are your opinions on female skirts and tights??

I am extremely ambivalent.

Some of my cadets will only wear skirts and tights. Some will only wear the slacks/trousers.

It doesn’t really effect how they perform, and as long as any item of uniform is clean, pressed, and fits, then I’m happy that wear whatever they feel most comfortable in.


I’m just waiting for the female skirts and tights to become gender neutral now


I guess that’s quite reliant on the wider societal understanding of gender neutral clothing?

The RAFAC has made some positive moves towards inclusiveness recently, so if you want to wear a skirt, or not wear a skirt, then the rules now allow for it.

How open would you be for the skirt and tights to be changed. Eg tights becoming darker and less see through?

What would the purpose be? If you don’t want to wear a skirt and tights, no one can force you. You can wear trousers/slacks.

The colour is really unlikely to change and personally I don’t see what benefit that would give anyone.

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That’s not our decision though, that would have to come from the RAF.


Personally, I don’t think there is any reason why we couldn’t change thickness and colour - they could be black and opaque without it degrading anyone’s “operational effectiveness”. That said, I’ve never worn tights, so have no idea what that is like in the summer.

Like previous posters have said, we take the lead from the RAF, so either we need to make a conscious decision to break our dress regs away from the RAF, or continue to use their guidance.

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Wearing them in summer is so bad its unbelievable

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I suppose though there is no reason to change the tights as they serve their purpose well

Female tights should be worn by all in my personal opinion

I’m no expert on tights, but I would have thought that making them darker - and therefore thicker - would make them even hotter in the summer.


Why’s that?

That is true I never thought of that

They seem to be very comfortable when worn with either male trousers or female skirt

In the winter it’s nice to have an extra layer, sure, but when it’s warm the wool trousers are plenty enough for me thanks!

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That’s when I mainly wear them but I have worn them in summer and Jesus they make me hot

But tbh, I’m more on the side of anyone wearing them only becuase I wear them

So you mean ‘everyone should be allowed to wear them if they choose’, rather than ‘everyone should wear them’ full stop?

Yeah thats what I meant