Oops...is that right?

Probably given she’d be the only user of RAFAC Group Captain rank slides

That’s a good point. I originally thought they were VRT pins but looking again it looks like RAFAC.

When I saw this I presumed it would be impossible to make a slide that fits on the epaulette as it would be too big

When I saw this I presumed it would be impossible to make a slide that fits on the epaulette as it would be too big.

You do get some comically long rank slides…

Why have cadet direct produced the embroidered rank slides then?!

Why does Cadet Direct make CI rank slides?

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Why does Cadet Direct exist?


Good spot.

Personally I think this is the way we should have gone anyway as they look much better.

As mentioned, cadet direct do RAFAC Gp Cpt slides.


Agreed - just changing the VRT for RAFAC pins would have been a much better idea, in my opinion!

Yes it would but common sense is in short supply in this organisation.Why save money with a simple thing when you can waste it in spades on all new rank slides which are awful.

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Ahah, exactly. No need to replace rank slides… just swap the pin, and put it through the same hole!

I think this topic has been well trodden before, probably on numerous threads.

Regardless of how we think things should have changed, the rank slides in the image above are not the correct pattern for a RAFAC honorary group captain.


Is there actually a correct pattern detailed somewhere?

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Published and illustrated? No. Because lawyers.

The pattern the majority of people are now wearing, as detailed in the IBN, is correct.


The RAFAC rank poster has Gp Capt as an embroidered slide

That doesn’t make it right though?! Just that 100% of the honorary Gp Capts are wrong!

Perhaps she was only issued pins as HQ thought she would always be in 1s so is making the best of a bad hand…just like the rest of us are dealt by HQ

She’s not correctly dress a fact that HQAC would pull us and any cadet up on. Since she is the Twitter queen BFF you think she would of been told by now


I would be surprised if she made her own decisions on how to wear uniform, deferring to advisers. I’d think that she were just following orders, possibly with CAC or AOC top-cover.

There is a history of people high-up making decisions that diverge from published regulations. We also need to bear in mind that we don’t have quality, published regulations that detail the current pattern of rank insignia.