Olive green bergen for RAFAC and DofE

Hi all,

Wondering what is the best OG (for versatility) bergen, probably berghaus, that is comfortable enough for DofE? Would the crusader 3 (correct size) be up to the standard and does it have a frame?


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Have a look at Snugpak kit, usually comes in OG or black and is great kit.


They are a lot cheaper than berghaus ones too! This is definitely a bit more accessible, thanks!

The new Crusader has a problem - no side compression straps, so if it’s anything less than completely full everything flops around inside it.

This is a problem when trying to cross a style, or climb over a wall. Think of an A400M trying to fly with a 30 ton load floating around in the back…

The old style Crusader ( looks a lot like a PLCE Bergen, because it’s what the PLCE was based on) is better than the PLCE because it’s lighter by about a third. Same size, materials etc…

The Vulcan is the best, imv, more comfortable to carry than either the PLCE or the Crusaders, and weighs about the same as the PLCE. don’t bother with the side pockets - if you need them, you’re carrying too much stuff.

Yes thanks. Is the snugpak bergen good as previously suggested good in your opinion as well, as it is a little bit more reasonable. (Vulcan is about 250, compared to 120 ish for snugpak), but I will keep an eye out for vulcan on fleabay

Hit fleaba, or surplus stores - though I got a used once Vulcon of Facebook marketplace for £30…

I’ve seen lots of 30year old Vulcans, Crusaders, and Rocs, that were perfectly serviceable, but I’ve never seen a 30yo snugpak rucksack…


Also have a look at the Karrimor SF range (made by PRI who made the PLCE packs, not to be confused with the Sports Direct owned part of the brand).

I can’t recall the exact product names but they have packs from 30L up in versions with and without molle, so you can have a slicker less military looking one if used mostly for AT.


So it is the Sabre 45 was thinking of

Oddly Google says Sports Direct is cheapest place for OD, there are other sellers with khaki tan or black:

Bargain, I’ve seen Rocs going for more than the new price on ebay

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Would a 45l be big enough as a bergen though?

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Very much personal preference. I have the PRI infantry pack (45L) and with side pouches it is all I need, I have a 90L long back bergan which I’ve only ever used to schlep stuff to camp or as a laundry basket!

To add, if you had £250 to spend I’d go for the Berghaus over the Karrimor SF 60L.

You’ll find quickly that there is no one pack that does it all, it’s a rabbit hole. Plenty of us on here have as many packs as we do pairs of socks.


Got a mountain warehouse 50l almost identical I use for hikes, but I somehow feel it isn’t 50l as it fills up very quickly for daysack use.

Mountain warehouse aren’t the best i know but I have just seen this… (Khaki Obv)

Some of their stuff is ok, it has the advantage that you can try it in a store.

It might also be worth looking at the larger Osprey packs, they are very up to date in terms of design and materials and they do have an olive green in the range currently (I think).

Not as expandable as military kit but have a good guarantee.

MOD90/Defence Discount card will work in Cotswolds and the Millets/Blacks/GoOutdoors chain.

Yes also I have been looking at this osprey, however it isn’t very khaki, very subtle and it is currently out of stock from Gooutdoors. I could also use scout discount at gooutdoors for 10% off, how much does MOD give?

I think 10%, I should try the Scouts one next time!

Yes I edited my post, 15% off for scout leaders (I’m only a scout)

Worth knowing, they have different discounts for DofE too and different ones to the other brands in their group - so it can be cheaper to order something from Blacks but collect from GoOutdoors. Makes no sense!

For one night under a basha maybe. I wouldn’t recommend it for a 3 or 4 day DofE exped where you need to carry food, tent, cooker etc. I’d suggest one around 75L.


Agree with this wholeheartedly - 45 is a big daysack or a 24 hour bag.

There’s no way you could carry half a tent, a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, dry clothes, cold & wet kit, stove, plus food & fuel for 3/4/5 days in a 45.

Adventure racers probably could, but they tend to be cold and wet, don’t have to carry the stuff mandated by DofE, and spend thousands on the lightest gear.

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Yes, I believe I have my eyes set on an osprey kestrel 68 in OG (linked above)(Allyness is crucial plus can be used for dofe). Are osprey roughly on par with a berghaus when it comes to RAFAC usage? Thoughts?