Old First Class multiple choice examination papers

Does anyone have copies of the old multiple choice first class examinations we used to complete? I have some examples of the leading, senior and staff exams but no first class ones. Could do with them for a project, which i’ll put on here when it’s complete!

Paper copies that have been scanned in are fine, I just need the questions really.

We never had centralised MCQ’s for First Class, that’s part of the reason the logbooks were knocked up by HQAC.

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Have you checked ACP 31? A google should fine a copy somewhere. Beware out of date

ACP31 was a range of 6 training manuals with no associated exams.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure, it’s been that long!

Did it not have multiple-choice practise questions at the end of each chapter though?

4 per chapter I think

Each sqn ensured that the cadets of their sqn competed the training for 1st class.
How this was done was up to the sqn.

Discovered that CCF still do that and don’t have to bother with the dire logbook

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I used to set the first class exam on sqns I worked on before the awful log books came in.It was 50 questions spread over all the subjects covered in first class.All questions were multi choice(4 choices) and to my mind were a good test of ability .I never had anyone get better than about 80%.Which of course is fine as the powers that be only require 55% for a pass.Point is the cadets who took that exam had to think.When they passed it they felt they d achieved something and the sqn would make a big deal of it.
These days with the books I defy anyone to say that the cadet has achieved anything other than perhaps improving their writing skills.Plus the cadets themselves dont get that sense of achievement either.

Under the current exam system the pass mark is only 50%. Mind you from what I pick up from teachers the pass mark for GCSEs is much less than that. But then ours can be passed without doing any work or knowledge of the topic, as me and other staff have proved, just do resits every week.

The irony of the books is that they were spawned as the thinking had been the first few months were too like school, so they ‘invented’ a text / exercise book to stop it being like school. :ohmygod: Lord knows how much these things cost to print.

Why they didn’t / don’t make an ‘end of course’ exam like the others on ultiflop, is and remains a mystery.

To be fair, the pass mark for a degree is only 35%!!

I like the idea of the books, but think it was poorly executed. There shouldn’t be additional sheets to fill in - it should all be self contained. And I fail to see the need for 100 signatures… There should be one signature for completion - the OC, and maybe a section for an independent check.

Standards are slipping, it was 40% when I was at Uni!

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I think it depends which uni you went to! Mine gave a pass for 35 - 39%, 40 - 49% was a Third, and so on.
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I’m sure I’ve seen some early 90’s First Class papers in our storage boxes - I’ll have a ferret around tonight for them. We used to used paper for the Part 1 exam, and a WSO would do the Part 2 in person, when I was a cadet. Then the P2 was removed, and my wing moved onto a CD ROM based exam.


Never mind the cost which is probably ridiculous as the MOD are rubbish at contract negotiation.How about when two books arrive at your home address in separate stiff backed envelopes! Now thats what I call wasteful.

That’s what I was referring to. Hardly an exam but a start…

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I’ve not had that, but have several instances of two or three packages, spread over a week when one large one would make much more sense.

Now we have to manually order the books, that issue should be sorted. Just bulk order - even HQAC wouldn’t split up a batch of books to post them individually… would they??

What is needed is a good resource to base instruction from in the first place, ironically we had those in the case of the old books. There were some issues around updating, but as the exam was based on the books, instruct as per the book for exam purposes, but add bits in that you knew about.

You mean “they became catastrophically out of date”?
In theory that should be easier and cheaper to avoid with the current system but it relies on putting the time into managing the syllabus.