Old First Class multiple choice examination papers


But as I said the exams were based on the books, so it wasn’t the problem that people made it out to be.
The only subject which I recall being massively out of date was AK and still remains the same today, but you taught to the book. When I’ve looked at it recently, it’s more like a history lesson as the RAF has so few aircraft types, I’m sure HQAC include old ones to bulk it out.

Even now I use the PPTs I set up years ago to base my lessons around as the actual subject matter hasn’t drastically changed, demonstrated by the things on ultilearn and the exams. I’m sure we could all cite individual pieces of information and get bent out of shape over it, when we know the current details which we can pass on. I know teachers who move school and different schools use different exam companies, who have their own schemes of work, but while there are some differences, it’s all much of a muchness, otherwise they’d never move school. It was amazing that when our kids were at school; maths, chemistry, physics, biology, English etc had changed that much from when we were at school. There seemed to be some leaching of A Level into GCSE, which we could deal with to help them.

As for managing the syllabus, they tried this and thought making or getting others to make up PPTs for us to use was the way forward, however trying to instruct from something else someone else has put together is a nonsense, as their pace, style and even order of doing things won’t suit everyone. At the end of the day what is the purpose of the exams we do? Are we trying to teach things to a point where cadets can go into the workplace ready to go or is it to give us something to do with them to justify a badge? Even formal exams up to degree level don’t really set anyone up for the workplace, unless they have done some sort of placement with an employer and gained work based skills.


Ultilearn is electroic and still catastrophically out of date.


Yes, but the problem is now down purely to personnel.


TBH you get a sense that classifications aren’t ‘glitzy’ enough to warrant the CTO putting time put into them.