Officer Beret/Cap Badge

Hi, as the name suggests I’m a newly appointed APO and former cadet. Just looking for some temporary kit before I get round to my initial kitting.
I have a set of MTP and my 2a shirt from my old cadet uniform, but no SD peaked cap so I don’t think I can wear 2a.

I am planning on just getting a beret/capbadge and an MTP-backed APO slide for the interim, as I wouldn’t need any further changes to wear No3.

Does anyone know if I need a different beret compared to the general issue “cadet” one? I have heard of an officers beret but not sure if that’s even really thing anymore.
If someone could point me towards a current pattern/acceptable beret - 58-61 usually fits - and officers beret badge (there are some obviously fake ones and some that look possibly legitimate out there) I would appreciate that.


Berets - not sure if there is supposed to be a difference still. But for the love of God do buy yourself an embroidered cap badge, rather than the nasty issued plastic one…


Sewing over the eyelets? ACP1358 doesn’t really cover officer berets much at all - other than saying they’re only for No3 dress

I say this as a plastic beret badge owner who is mainly indifferent to the embroidery

Yes, sew over the eyelets. Common in Army regiments where the same colour is shared between metal and cloth badge regiments.

Even if we’re agreeing embroidered is better, there seems to be plenty of patterns out there…

95% sure that one isnt worth a penny but aside from the general gist of “does it look legit” it’s hard to tell if you’re actually buying something quality or not…

And tbf some of the plasticy ones seem to use eyelets which would make life easier in the interim. Don’t want to sew the badge on slightly skewiff

Get yourself a side cap/chip hat and you can.

They’re also much more comfortable for everyday wear than the SD caps, which I always saved for formal occasions.


I use a standard RAF beret, but do have an Officer Silk Lined one.

Externally, there is no difference.

Agree with the embroidered option (which i need to get a replacement as mine is worn).

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Worn=Battle hardened. Leave it as is.


I’ve used these before:

The badge came already sewn on.

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Very true, but I find they give off a much older, established aesthetic. Not sure it would look quite so good on a baby faced 20yo

Secondary point - as an officer only ever commissioned by the King rather than her late majesty - do I take the modernist approach of the King’s (Tudor) Crown, or cling onto the arguably better looking Queen’s (St Edwards) Crown…?

I have it on good authority from an officer who’s recently commissioned from the ranks that he didn’t get a new beret: just a badge. I conclude from this that the ‘officer’s beret’ is either a legacy or private purchase item.

I dont think there is anything telling us to convert over, and i doubt anyone would be checking commission dates…

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In theory, those promoted / warranted / commissioned under Her Late Majesty have a choice of which to wear and those who weren’t don’t; however, the Tudor crown versions aren’t in general circulation yet (I’ve been told three to five years for enlisted aviator cap badges and FS rank slides and gilt crowns) and so it can’t be enforced.

I don’t doubt people would not be checking commission dates - it’s just a stylistic point at this stage

The eagle should be metal, not embroidered.

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Yes, hence why I knew it wasn’t worth a penny. But there are more subtle differences in some of the other badges available, not least the differentiation between embroidered and the ones that “clip in” to the eyelets