OASC board

So anyone here done the oasc board in the last 6 months ?

Yep. 4 weeks ago today. In theory I should hear of a decision . . .


Any hints / tips. I’m going on 21 January

I was on the first one day course to be held. It took 10 weeks before I found out

Don’t expect a welcome meeting. Be vocal but not aggressively so. Actively participate in discussions. Be aware of time constraints. Plan your exercise and double check.

In the exercise, if you aren’t sure about doing something, just try it and see if there is a consequence (much quicker than discussing it)

Yep, I’m really not expecting to hear until at least end of Jan . . .

Points to note, you should aim to arrive before 1600, meal at 1800, all of that evening is your own time to do with as you wish. You need a suit if you want to relax by the bar, but thats the only time you’ll need a suit.

As for the selection, you’ll do some group discussion exercises, be vocal but listen to others and respond to their ideas. For the planning exercise, take down organised notes that you can easily refer to later (big gotcha!) and take the time to think things through.

For the hangar exercises, as @PBark78 has said, get on with trying different ideas rather than deliberating over them, we want to see action, not a committee. . .

For the interview, have a clear idea in your head of why you want to be an officer and what that entails. Plus you should have some current affairs knowledge of the RAF and its activities.

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I sat it in late March. Process has changed since then but the above sounds correct.

I got my result within 2 weeks.

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Good luck

OASC is one of those things where as long as you do some preparation as above the only thing left to do is go and get it over and done with. It will likely be unlike anything you have ever done before.

The day is very, very fast pace, so throw yourself in and as your driving away your head will be spinning, but I think that is a very normal experience.

If it feels easy you haven’t taken it seriously enough.

All usual advise applies; practise speed distance time, know the structure and a few key posts in the ATC, know how the ATC fits in the RAF, and try different things out in the hangar.

One thing I will say is that the boarding staff are excellent, they will look after you, even if it feels different at the time when you look back you’ll realise what a good job they do at getting the best out of you.


I think we must have been on the same course!


See when it says in the ACP you need 12 months before you can apply for a RAFC commission when does that start ie 12 months from when you attend the SSIC or the 12 months timline before you have to attend the SSIC as due a) the delays of paperwork being needing a software update in Universe and then the availability of the SSIC dates the earliest I can attend is March yet my 12 months probation runs out in Jan 20.

Many thanks and happy Xmas,


It’s 12 months as a Cadet/CI/SNCO so from the appointment date and nothing to do with SSIC.

There will be questions about why wanting to change from SNCO to Officer so quickly.

My baby Sgt passed her board In sept. Has pre OASC in Sept as wing suggested that would be best suited for her…I’m trying to talk her out of joining the dark side

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I was there on the first shortened course in Sep last year. Also posted this on another thread…

I went through the course last month…

Here’s what to expect!


You’re asked to arrive for 1600hrs. Not sure this was necessary but we all did and it allowed candidates to mingle/network and head to the Sgts mess for dinner.

We were told to bring cash for dinner, but didn’t pay in the end. Not sure if this will continue though!

I arrived in my suit, one of two I brought, but not really needed. Most were just dressed smart for the mess.

There was supposed to be an evening brief, this has now been cancelled. Understand this is the case for all boards going forwards.

The room

Bring some bedding – the issued stuff isn’t great. Also, bring a plaster (no seriously) for the red light on the fire alarm in the room. Trust me, if you’re a light sleeper, you’ll understand…

Boarding process

We were given permission to wear PE kit to the mess for breakfast. Then headed over to the AdAstral hall for 0700hrs. Had a brief at 0715hr and were split into two syndicates of six.

Moved to the hangar for familiarisation of rules and kit. Then back into the hall for a start at exactly 0835hrs.

It was then:

Group discussion with three subjects

Group planning exercise lasting until not long after 10am.

Off to the Hangar for a repeat of the hangar rules and then the leaderless exercise followed by lunch.

Then onto the leadership exercise

After this it was around 1430hrs and we moved back to the hall. We then had a few mins to wait before straight into the 12min interview. I won’t say much about this!

Finished by 3pm and then, as I had a fair distance to drive, we were off!

No need for the suit, didn’t even leave its bag.

Some tips – don’t be quiet. Make sure you clearly make your point and check understanding.

We were told four weeks for results, though that’s no passed for me. Hopefully hearing soon!

In the end, i didn’t hear until November, when i asked Wing to check Universe. So the four week turnaround may not apply, although this was the first one. It may have improved now!

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Hi, I’m hoping to be they’re too (January 2020) Just waiting to hear. Sounds like it will an interesting challenge.

Good luck, don’t hold your breath for the result though once you’re done!

I’ve been waiting over 8 weeks now (ok we had Christmas in between) but someone in my wing waited over 10 weeks since the introduction of the new system…

Honestly finding it phenomenal how long people are waiting.

I heard after 2 weeks back in March/April…and that was the old style OASC!

Yes, go through all the prep, jump through the hoops and pre courses and board with wing commander and do everything you should do… and then made to wait for what is frankly a ludicrous amount of time for the result.

But then by the time you are doing your uniform courses you ought to know this is exactly the manner in which the organisation likes to make its volunteers feel valued… So I’ll be patient (usually after a rant like this whatever I’m ranting about is resolved! Here’s hoping on this occasion anyway!).

I’ve heard back now. 7.5 weeks after, and the promotion on SMS was back dated to 4 weeks after :laughing:


I heard less than 2 weeks after for the actual RAF!

Given the parameters we’re working with it ought to be possible to be told in the room whether you’ve passed or not. Any delay beyond that is just incompetence.