No more salutes

Came back from Camp recently and the SWO informed the staff that the RAF are no longer required to salute RAFAC Officers presumably because they are not part of the RAF anymore. A mate at Halton was also told this by his Drill Inst. Does this mean we don’t have to salute RAF Officers any more or HQAC staff who are not in the RAFAC? After all scouts don’t salute RAF Officers so is that what we now are?

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We hold a queen’s commission and are told we are entitled to the privileges thereof. This is wrong but is a rumour that is spreading and needs quashing by our FTRS

Ask the regional commandant.

What a load of tosh

As pEp has suggested, pose the Q to RCN and I’m sure that the SWO will be getting a realignment phone call before the end of the week.

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Heard nothing of the sort from our recent annual camp. Compliments paid by SWO and all others.

Talking to RAF bods both on base and in the real world the cadets do have a good name for themselves and the work that we do for them (mainly exposure). Think some people still hold the “they’re only space cadets” mentality and try to pass it on to anyone that will listen, dying breed however!

What station was it?

RAF top brass have been clear that they are saluted

You don’t salute officers because they are part of the RAF, you salute them because they hold a commission. A member of the RAF would be expected to salute a Navy or Army officer (assuming higher rank) - they hold the Queen’s commission, as do all cadet force officers. There are many others also entitled to salutes who do not hold a Queen’s commission.

These rumours have always done the rounds at regular establishments even before the commission change!


Although, on a strict interpretation of AP818 (To which QRs refer for who should be saluted) we might not be saluted.

Part 2 Chapter 1 Reason for Saluting

  1. (…) Because of their link to the Sovereign, the following are also paid done form of compliment:
    (e) All Officers, as holders of the Sovereign’s commission.

But under Occasions for Saluting
Saluting by Non-Commissioned Personnel
4. Personnel are to salute commissioned officers of the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Army, Commonwealth and Foreign Services at all times (…).

We arguably do not fall into this category anymore so perhaps the SWO is correct as a matter of regulations and this is another unforeseen error by the powers that be when implementing this new commission and making promises about what it would be equivalent to.

Interestingly under para 15 of this part it says that ‘cadets are subject to the same regulations for saluting as airmen’. But says nothing about CFAV so if the SWO wants to take the strict interpretation then CFAV do not need to salute anyone on the base either…


Does anyone really care if they get saluted by airmen?


Actually, ignore that. I missed J158 of the QRs. ‘Compliments in Special Cases.
(1) An officer of HM diplomatic or other non-military service is entitled to the honours and salutes appertaining to his office’

Not particularly, I’ve never pulled anyone up on it, nor am I likely to do so in the future. What does annoy me is the haphazard, FUBAR way that this change (which in principle I think I agree with, out at least can see the reasoning behind it) has been rolled out and this is another example of this.

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What’s the going rate for a cadet then?

You can have some of mine for free.

The others not for anything.

Individual cadets could be either worthless*, or priceless.

*You know, in the context of them being productive members of the squadron.

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As far as I know, they should be saluted as still hold a Commission, but as it has always been it would be a brave or stupid Officer who attempts to demand it or re-educate an airman.

It amuses me to see the reactions when I call ATC Officers “mate”…

It certainly doesn’t bother me when I’m called ‘mate’ by staff of any rank or position.

I’d draw the line at cadets calling me it, though…


I nearly went in to speak to the SWO on summer camp about my new APO not getting saluted - then realised I wasn’t sure of my ground any more…

In my experience, the only SWOs you need to fear are the ones you are trying to avoid. Going in to introduce yourself and say ‘I’m here for the week in charge of the camp, here’s my mobile if you have any issues’ usually results in happy SWO and trouble-free camp.


Not particularly desperate to be saluted but I have an interest in this thread…

In our area there is 2 armed forces days 1 week apart
As we sit on the border of 2 large councils and it really gets under my skin when I am copied in and it states the local RAF personnel both reserve and full time saying “I can’t be bothered going if big G is going he can stand in and can represent us and take the salute ”

I am a Flt Lt but the people making these comments are all wing commanders and above with the exception of 1 sqn Ldr. There is more than a dozen of them so it’s not too much to suggest doing a rota system where 1 HAS to go to 1 and another to the following weeks and that them for the next X amount of years…

So if it is a case if we are not deemed worthy of a salute then one of the MANY officers can get their backside down and take a salute!!!


That’s an appalling attitude for them to have. They can’t be bother but everyone else can turn up and make the effort.

What a disgrace.