No 8 Rifle Safety Case


Interesting - I will pass to RC and CCFA the info that the ATC are taking the rifle on risk. I’ve already suggested that as the solution.


We have just been informed all No8 shooting has been suspended and the email shown above has been superseded, also no .22" to be used on a RAF range either.

This has been checked with and confirmed by 2 RAF station armouries.

HAPPY DAYS!!! :rage:


By whom? and some more characters


By whom, I take it you mean who gave the word
Apparently it was the MOD outwith the RAF at a safety meeting this morning


The best bit is how this forum is the only source of information I have on the matter!


I’d guess a bit like an MoT - someone was probably supposed to review whether the weapon was still safe (though on a general scale, rather than like an MoT on an individual vehicle).

I suppose it’s much the same as someone who’s first aid qualification is out of date - they don’t suddenly become incompetent, but you have to draw the line somewhere.


First of all gliding is vandalised to the point where it can no longer be delivered in a meaningful form and now it would appear that the same is happening to shooting. Both activities are safely and successfully carried out in civilian clubs all over the country. If this continues it will only be a matter of time before smallbore ranges cease to be supported and maintained due to “lack of use”. Even the Scouts now hold their National Scout Rifle Championships annually; the next one is at Bisley on 16 October. Just for the record includes:

Air Rifle 6yd and 10m
Air Pistol
Field Target
Target Sprint
3 Position
Smallbore Rifle
Fullbore Rifle

Just remind me, what was the USP of the ACO?




Got this late today. Cant use the ammo too


My No8s have just been taken.


That ammunition bit is a bit confusing. Fortunately no one has said we can’t use the ammo. Time to crack out the conversion kits.


We’ve been told to carry on.


I lied, they’ve taken out ammo and will come back within a week to take the rifles.


We have been told to just carry on as before on the Regional Commandants Authority.


I guess it’s open to the RC as DDH to authorise the activity on his own neck… Tempting as I’m also a DDH…


Still nothing seen or heard here!

My rifles were services about 3 months ago so have 3 months left until the next one. Whatever the generic “safety case” may be they were granted 6 months of life by an RAF armourer and I would expect them to be OK (assuming continuing correct function) until the next inspection point.


Ours were MEI’d about 2 weeks ago.

The issue is identical to the gliding, in that the rifles are serviceable but lack the ‘safety case’ paperwork to back them up. The difference here is that for you, the ATC holds the risk to life for shooting (ODH: AOC 22 Gp; DDH: RC) whereas for CCF shooting it’s Army (ODH: GOC Regional Command; DDH: CCF Contingent Commander). They were quicker off the blocks than the ATC having fewer layers for the order to filter down through. However as it’s come from DE&S it’s an MOD decision and should affect everyone.

But: the ODH has the authority to authorise the activity regardless and take it on risk. As in theory would the DDH. I’m considering my position… and talking to my friendly local ATC sqn about the Scorpion air rifle.


It really isn’t identical to the gliding: unlike the fleet, the rifles have a proper service history.


You couldn’t make it up. Stop, go, stop.

Add up the whole mess of L81 servicing contract, L144 not being available in sufficient numbers to replace the No8 for a significant period, there was sufficient information available to be pushing for action solutions months & months ago. Indeed, from the trials of the No8 replacement, & the expected follow on timescale, that should have been flashing warning lights a year ago. Thank goodness it’s not a commercial organisation, as the Board probably would have been fired!

Renting space on our Scorpion range, start the bidding! :wink:


Latest info that we have is;

  1. Please ensure that weapons/ammo are not surrendered
  2. RC as the Delivery Duty Holder has stated that the Region will continue to use the No 8 Rifle and ammo that have a current servicing certificate.
  3. However it is unlikely that No8 rifles or .22 ammunition will be released from RAF armouries.

Based on the previous email I saw that looks as though sent to Station Armouries this could destroy a lot of relationships, who are we to argue with the armourer’s.


Lots of help saying “don’t give them up” AFTER they’ve come and taken them isn’t it. Nothing like clear comms. I’m very angry right now.