No 8 Rifle Safety Case


my point being the “latest” Bader announcement is the “only” announcement so can’t tell us more given it is the same…


The Pam is an interesting read

Lessons 1- 4 of No8 are now lessons 1-3 of CSBTR
Lesson 4 has now become zeroing, useful for the new sight system perhaps but looks very much like a BCC/ECC material (MS, MPI, CZP etc) which I can’t see engaging well with the younger Cadets.

Interesting to see on the NSP the bolt is left closed at the end of the drill. And also that ease springs is the command!! (What spring is being eased exactly?)

Interesting a carry case is shown, implying that all rifles will be issued with one….?
And that each will have a sling!

In lesson three there is no mention of a misfire, yet we’re still using a rim fire rifle which is prone to misfires more than otherwise.
It does mention a “weak strike” on para 0199 but no mention of counting….

We see the same 50mm x 30mm flannelette used to clean the barrel yet I have always used the “standard 45x45mm size as for the 5.56mm L98A2.
Like the L81A2 and (the No8 Pam) this should be attached to a jag and push through the bore….has anyone ever used anything but a 45x45mm square of flannelette and pull through for a No8/0.22” rifle?

Interesting that on the range breach flags are used to show “clear” but when removed from the range the bolt is closed….odd?

I also notice the safety catch is applied when the bolt is open (open bolt, apply safety catch, inspect)

This maybe the replacement for the No8 but the drills and commands in use are vastly different in places. Para 0191 indicates the safety catch is removed on the command “fire” but (and I am no RCO so happy to be corrected) there is no command fire, only “go on” and “watch and shoot” which is followed by ups and downs as required…no “fire”. The load does not indicate “a round is fed into the chamber until resistance is felt” but placed onto the feed tray. The Safety catch is applied when the bolt is open


NEVER on any bolt action rifle that I have used.

Can;t access Sharepoint at the moment, but it sounds like a complete dog’s dinner for drills, NSPs & as for leaving the bolt closed, I truly despair…


Talk about taking it down to the wire…

Apparently HQAC are still working on an extension of the OOS date (currently still 01 Oct 2016!)…


Nothing like cutting it fine!! I suppose that it’ll be extended on 30 Sep 16!


Our Parent Station have advised the OSD is 30 Sept 16 and they will arrange for collection and subsequent disposal following this date.

Admittedly they did forward the DIN with expiry in 2015 along with emails form 2015. I am reliably informed that we should see not see any period where there is not a current safety case in place…


Just seen the letter from COS. Basically the no8 will continue until it breaks, at which point it won’t be repaired.

Look after them guys!


They’ve been saying that since my dad was a cadet in the 1960’s!


I know, but this time it looks like they mean it!


Although i agree with both Pape_november and pEp…

has anyone ever seen a U/S No8 return to service?

We recently (in the last 12 months) reported 2 x rifles to the armoury and next month found they have been marked no longer for use.
other than servicing i haven’t heard of rifles getting any professional (MOD or Civlian) hands on them for a positive!

At least 0.22" shooting can continue while we wait the four years for the L144A1/CSBTR to be rolled out!


Judging from the silence on here I’m guessing the ACO has yet to catch up with this, which I received down the Army CoC yesterday evening:


Ladies, Gentlemen,


The No8 Rifle and the CTR rifle are to be quarantined now until further notice.


Action addressees are requested to disseminate to ACF and CCF Contingents and Counties that the No 8 Rifle and the CTR are to be quarantined now. No live firing is permitted with these weapon systems until further notice.


No8 Following a safety panel meeting chaired by DE&S a decision was taken today to stop the use of the No8 Rifle until the DIN is updated and reissued. There is a possibility that the No8 may be withdrawn from service completely. The No8 is currently beyond its Out of Service Date and the safety case does not support its use.

CTR This branch continues to work on a solution to get the servicing and maintenance contract agreed. Once agreed the CTR will be authorised to be used again. The CTR WG will meet on the 2 Nov 16 where it is planned to have an initial solution and thereafter have a long term solution by 31 Dec 16 to enable the CTR to be used until 2025.

(PS - this was not protectively marked and as it’s of urgent safety importance I make no apology for posting it here)


I got that email this morning, and had a good chuckle, as we recently took delivery of some No. 8s to use until we get the new rifle. Oh well!


It’s good to know disarray, and, left and right not speaking/not aware each other exist is at least one thing we have in common.


Nothing heard through the ATC yet…




38Gp A4 ArmSE Plans have confirmed that the No8 rifle OSD will be extended until 30 Sep 2017. This will be confirmed by publication of a revised DIN. Once the DIN has been published servicing will resume on a waste out basis. Since we have a DHAN in place use of the rifle may continue in the interim. Rifles past their due date for servicing are not to be used until they have been serviced however this has always been the case.

Parent station armouries were informed at 0844 this morning that use of the No8 may continue so any problems drawing weapons or ammunition should be referred to me.

I would be most grateful if this message could be cascaded to Wgs and SATTs as quickly as possible



Where did you get that from?


Email from TG5 sent 27/9


and the Regional Commandants have accepted the risk in continuing to use the No8s as they are the DDH. The ACF are no doubt different! (for No8 anyway!)


How is an OSD defined?

A best before date is defined as period beyond which by a significant deteororation in taste, appearace or microbiologically unsafe.

Is it scientific or because they’ve run out of parts, no one knows how to fix it, it’s been superceded a bit like some tech/white goods where they are repairable etc but because this means people won’t go out and spend their £££s on something new, spares are discontinued or made prohibitively expensive. Has there ever been a significant failure with a N°8 ie barrel splits, breech ‘explodes’ etc. I’ve not mentioned the bolt as someone could have taken it apart and ‘created’ a fault.


i presume it is defined as “permission to use”

much like access to a building or an airframe (gliders). someone upstairs has stopped us using it. the OSD is simply a date we’re not to use it after to offer (in recent times) an annual review to ensure the kit is still valid.