No 8 Rifle Safety Case


Don’t tell him your name, Pike!

We received slightly more info than above in a very similar email from our RC, effectively saying this is a stop gap while the decision is reviewed at a higher level. So hopefully, you can soon collect them back from some rather miffed off ‘friendly local armourers…’.


The only contact we have had regarding this was the forwarding of the Regional Commandants message informing us to continue along with his logic. (The weapons haven’t suddenly become dangerous overnight and this decision to stop has been made at a low level without consultation and he expects the 2* levels will put this right). Looking at the email chain the whole Stop/Start discussion was made behind closed doors so that we just got the 1 sensible instruction.


Having seen the emails all I can say is that the decision was NOT made at a low level in fact it is the very opposite, and people are making decisions operating outside there authority.


The decision was made without consultation and a lower than 2* level which is where the conversation has now gone.

A DDH has the authority to manage risks as necessary and at present there has been no edict or guidance from HQAC so they are well within their authority to say that we will stay with the status quo. It just seems that some Regional Commandants have more balls than others.


There is a very recent email from Lt Col C**** - the ban is lifted on all No8s with in date MEIs. Phew!!

Now lets’s see how fast it cascades down the ACO.


When do we start the okey cokey??


There’s another thread on what the ATC is all about…



In - Out - In - Out I wonder if we can shake it all about


only if doing so in a safe direction! :wink:


No 8 rifle - quarantine lifted.


Do you have any proof?


I’ve seen an email from my wing shooting officer, but nothing I’d consider to be proof in a court of law.


Full email chain links back to Hd STSP. Solid enough.


It was lifted last week.


Any chance of posting that?


i have no evidence it was banned “officially” other than these boards and 4 people emailing/texting me to indicate i have heard nothing…

(i appreciate with your weapons gone pEp it is a different story but shows the level of cascade of information!)


Sketchy details, so might be inaccurate, but I think that there something about to hit streets about commercial(??) ammo being banned in service wpns??


That isn’t new though is it? You’ve only ever been able to use non service ammunition in non service weapons.


You may have the wrong end of the stick. I’ve certainly heard lots of discussion recently around the use of service ammunition in non-service weapons (such as the Martinis). This was previously allowed but I believe we might soon see something that puts an end to that.

Edited with an afterthought: If that is the case, we will have to use private ammunition, and the next argument will be about the use of private ammunition on Service-owned ranges :smiley:


Hasn’t that switched round a few times as they realised that our use of the term “non-service weapons” was not aligned with theirs, hence the new term LPWs?

IIRC, originally we could not use service ammo in LPWs, then we couldn’t use LPWs, then we could but we had to use service ammunition (some nonsense to do with audit trails)