No 8 Rifle Safety Case


I was talking to an RCO this morning about something else and the consensus is that the N°8 was allowed in the face of losing the third popular activity alongside flying and gliding. Yes I know 5 AEF is offering reduced weekend slots (we’re still waiting), but it is to all intents gone.
What it does smack of the continuing incompetence across the board. The N°8 has had more come backs than Elton John because they haven’t been able to get a replacement. If they want the CF to continue doing a military activity, shooting, then the collective brains need to get to together and sort it out, rather than going through this fiasco which is unprofessional, you get a sense that only in the MOD would anything as unprofessional as this be accepted. It’s no wonder it’s difficult to muster interest in shooting among staff if they are wondering if they are going to through all the hassle only to find it could not get used. The other option is lose the military tag and controls and let us access shooting through shooting clubs. It might mean redundancies but when their lack of ability to provide an uninterrupted activity, means the people aren’t fit for purpose and should be got rid of. The CF cannot be a place for people to play at being in the military after a life doing it, as they are scared of the world outside.


Deep joy…

The contract for the maintenance of the gauges at the RAF Parent Units has lapsed and is out for tender. As a result, any weapons due service before the contract has been let will be declared unserviceable until they can be re-certified once the contract is complete.

Plan ahea…



To plan ahead you need people with planning skills and able to see beyond the edge of their cornea.


So the Convention TG PowerPoint appears to indicate that we can continue with the No.8 - great that this has been advised, we’ve been on stop since Mar :frowning:


Of course, I expect a more credible statement of that authority than some words on a powerpoint presentation. I doubt we’ll see that before the end of July.


I found out at the weekend that the ACF we share our building with still have theirs and have had their safety case extended for use.


We have some, but I don’t think their inspection whatsit is in date. :smiley:


Some of our squadrons have already had their No.8s removed by their Parent Stations…


Yes, we took ours back but apparently there may be yet another reprieve.


A VSO very much in a position to comment did say verbally that this had been signed off - but I appreciate that’s not the same as something in writing.


I believe Army = yes, RAF = no… :frowning:


According to the ACO convention the RAF have said yes but in the highly efficient admin world of HQAC the good news has not escaped yet.


I wouldn’t like to comment about whether the VSO said that to me at the ACO convention or not…


DIN Issued that provides dispensation for use of the No.8 until 30 Sep 17

SharePoint Link

Hopefully they will have gauges for the L144 so we can deliver training from Oct…


And where might one find the dispensation matrix (as per para 6)?

Don’t worry about it - I’ve given the 8 up as dead



We aren’t worthy of seeing that…

I’m hoping to make it work for Camp, so we’ll have some cadets that can get trained on the L98


Time to crack out the subcalibre adaptors, methinks.

I was hoping for more than 30 Sep, I have to say. No sign at all of issues to CCFs in my area.


The problem with that though is community cadet forces cannot store them at their detachment locations.

I would be surprised if we had the CSBTR before the end of the year.


Our Wing are starting to recall weapons to the parent station for servicing so we can get cracking.


No, indeed, though having an armoury isn’t a bundle of laughs most of the time. Especially when the power goes off and you get called every 30 minutes to be told the alarm is reporting a power failure. (Yes, I know, I can’t boil the kettle either…)