No 8 Rifle Safety Case




Did anyone find this anywhere?


Here we go again…

Moves afoot to try & extend dispensation to use No 8 (today is last day). Many units have “lost” their No 8’s back to central armouries - & of course, inability to conduct WHTs.

L144 - known faults with foresight, butt & no trigger pressure gauge. Also, the next 300 rifles will not arrive until at least late Oct; manufacturer of carrying bags outsourced to Puerto Rico - factory destroyed by recent hurricane.

Had they gone for a “known” provider, (Anschutz), etc, even with lesser numbers of rifles, we would not be in this predicament!


I didn’t realise that Number 8s were still around! Ours were collected a week or so after the last deadline ran out!

I’ve shot the L144, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised (I’m a big fan of the Number 8, and was fully prepared to hate the L144)! That said, they are not as robust as the Number 8, and I understand that they are prone to rust, meaning that they will require cleaning on a regular basis.


What’s an L144? :wink:

No surprises for issues with provision, design & use - didn’t know about the rust, that will be a real PITA (& eventually shorten the life expectancy?). The stand design is an absolute joke.

Let’s go back to the original concept! :wink:


Stand design? The fold out three part one?

Or the small slide on bipod, similar to the L81?


As far as I’ve seen, we won’t be issued with the stand any way!


Yep, that’s the one.


The ones I’ve been trained with had a small bipod that was attached to the front of the rifle in a very similar way to the L81A2.

I’ve been told the ATC bought them instead.


The ones I shot with had the bi-pod supplied.

To be fair, I thought it was quite useful. It stops the cadets trying to lie the weapon on its side when not firing, wrecking the rear sight.


It also shows a clear view of the loading platform / breech = good for the RCO. It would be even simpler if breech flags could be used rather than the complicated NSPs currently practiced - which in particular for the L144, would stop the firing pin impacting on metal…


Breech flags are issued with the L144


Issued & used as part of NSPs = 2 different cases. We could so easily simplify NSPs across all the “single shot” bolt action rifles - No 8 / Scorpion / L144 / L81 - to match NSRA / NRA safety drills. Yes, the breech flag is used with the L81, but in a more complicated manner.

NSPs should be “visual / physical check” of the breech by the firer, then duplicated by RCO / Safety Assistant, then insert breech flag. Simple, safe, no firing off action on empty rifle (or blasting air down the Scorpion).


Their use is referenced in the PAM - rather than ordering the Ease Springs - order to insert the breech flag :slight_smile:


Hmmm, as I read it, that is only if the rifle is remaining on the FP - “after clearing the weapon” - is that full NSPs? It isn’t really clear. However, if being removed from the FP, then the full “Ease Springs” has to be used. Of course, if wet, on an outdoor range, then the rifle would have to be moved with the bolt closed…

It’s a “neither, or” situation. The continual “Ease Springs” for a single shot rifle is superfluous - if breech flags could be used appropriately.


Can you imagine the carnage if someone tried to operate a rifle without a carrying bag though?


Nah, SASC would come up with NSPs for that situation! :wink:


So latest updates indicates that the L144 fielding has been paused, due to serviceability concerns…

Shooting is dead long live Flying/Gliding … oh wait :ohmygod:


Any idea what the concerns are?


There are known faults with butt, foresight and lack of a specific trigger gauge.