News on Bader Learn?

Anybody heard anything on Bader Learn, which I believe is the replacement for Ultilearn? Just wondering if any updates have been published or an expected release date, as Ultilearn just needs to go.


Considering we kick off the academic training cycle next week it’s something that needs auctioning in the next couple of days or postponed to Sept 2023.

Sqns have training programmes being put in place, instructors allocated & lesson plans being written.

Otherwise you are going to have a bunch of very annoyed volunteers watching a load of time & work being binned because of Comms delays /poor schedule planning & just saying “what’s the point”


No thanks.

I’d like it by next week, but will gladly accept it as soon as possible if that isn’t feasible.


What difference does it make where the exams are hosted?

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Read something in the BADER Hub that they want Units deployed before Learn to get CFAVs familiar with workflows.

Learn was originally delayed with the JSF move, earlier in the year.

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Units Beta Launches tomorrow
Bader Hub News - Sign in to your account

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* in North Region

Does anyone know if the beta launched yesterday?

I thought I’d have a play this morning but I just get this when logging in:

Are you in North region? As it’s them only. If you are, try logging in using incognito mode, and using your personal account. If that doesn’t work, maybe they’ve not opened the beta up yet?

I’m in North and I’ve got no clue how to access…

Go to and log in with your personal account.

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It doesn’t seem to have gone live yet . . .
While you are waiting, here are some videos to watch.

Vimeo: RAFAC Units

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I’ll await central comms, but thanks. Not working here.

Units appears to be live for North Region now.

Not seeing anything on there, my permissions must be set to Not For Your Eyes :grimacing:

Available to North Region based on this Announcement from DNW - Bader Learn

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Soooo . . .
Anyone had news internally as to who’s next on the rollout schedule?




Only thing I’ve heard is C&E might be getting it soon or already have it.

Having seen the annoyed face of a cadet last night, who kept getting error messages when trying to complete the last exam for their classification… this can’t come fast enough.