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I think the best system I’ve heard of so far, is GM wing’s. As I understand, it goes something like this:

  1. Potential Staff Member (PSM) walks in off the street. Has a chat with OC. Details taken, and emailed to WSO.

  2. WSO emails PSM, invites them to a PSM day at WHQ (held once a month or so).

  3. PSM day includes all forms filled in, info about the roles, an interview with an existing staff member (not really pass or fail, just slightly more formal than a chat). PSM booked onto next AVIP.

  4. PSM attends AVIP.

  5. DBS returned to WHQ. WHQ contact PSM to clear them to attend on a parade night.

All of the above completed within around 6 weeks.

Within the next 18 months, the PSM/Newby CI has to attend 3 weekend residential courses, where they will learn the 1st class syllabus, Heart Start, and MOI. There is an additional weekend for potential uniformed staff members. 18+ may also attend the courses, with an opportunity to ditch some of the weekend courses, as will already have done it as part of their cadet training.


In the old days new someone came in and started from day one, get forms from wing, send back. The person started from day one and today as far as I’m concerned if they get clear DBS that’s a go now, none of the other stuff except a run through on safeguarding, which I feel more than capable of doing, is required, but we need to keep CS who can’t do the work their supposed to, topped up with more paperwork, so they can moan about not having enough time / people.

The new system does not encourage people to come in as staff unless they are ex-cadets. If someone said to me you need to get a DBS, fair enough, but then you need to do this, and this and then that, I’d be expecting a monthly pay cheque. A few people who I know who have started to work in schools, say they do a DBS (online) and spend half an hour with the CP lead or deputy going over safeguarding. What we expect is in excess of paid employment in a child centred environment, for what is essentially an altruistic / goodwill situation.

Even the system suggested only works if people can take a day out to go to that WHQ when they do it, and, requires the WSO to be on the ball. If for instance I had someone come through the door tonight and I emailed the WSO and they didn’t get back for say a week, what is the chance we’ve blown it? Based on my WSO hearing anything within 2 weeks is a bonus. It’s not like a job application with a cut off date, which is when you might expect to hear something after.


Hi Everyone,

I’ve had my chat with the Boss (ATC, not my wife!) and done all the forms. I’m just waiting now for meeting with my sector Commander.

In the meantime, I mentioned that I still remembered the drill. He has suggested I could teach this when I am officially appointed.

I do still remember drill but I believe some things have changed since 1996. The about turn for example is no longer ‘TLV’. Could anyone advise if the AP818 in ACC Drive up to date?

It was also suggested that I could teach propulsion. I’ve checked out the manual in ACC Drive and it’s very similar to what I used to teach as a staff cadet with the exception perhaps of rockets! The copy in ACC drive is dated 2000. Can anyone confirm if this is the most recent version? Also, I’d be really very grateful if anyone has any learning aids or tips for teaching propulsion in an engaging way. When I last did it we had transparent projector slides!

Thanks and best.


Still waiting for a meeting isn’t good and it’s good you’re so patient.
I’ve lost people completely by now.


What worries me about most of the posts above is you all refer to DBS checks no one has said about security vetting . OMG you don’t mean to tell me most if not all your staff have access HM forces locations with no security vetting


Everyone has a security vetting before they join.


Hi Keith,
I’ve just started as CFAV and have got dates for AEF and need to find the cadets service number on Bader to complete travel forms - and can’t, do you know where I can find them?? Any help much appreciated.


Log into the SMS, click on the “Cadets” tab, and the last column on the right (“CIN”) is what you’re looking for.


Brilliant - many thanks - not sure what to call you - but thanks anyway!!


Thought I would up date you as our flight sim was opened last Friday


What beast (computer specs) do you have powering that? Did you go with fsx, steam fsx or prepar3d?


8gb ram, may need upgrading to 16gb
GTX 1060
I5 processor

It’s runs FSX Steam


So mid range processor and it does the job you want it to? I had a i3 for my home pc which did a little less than I wanted with a mid range graphics card and 8gb ram. If and when we do get pennies for our flight sim will be looking at i5 possibly i7 with a beefy graphics card. Hope one day to get the kids talking on vatsim while doing circuits etc


At the moment clock speed matters more than number of CPU cores. We are moving from FSX to X-plane (same as the PTTs are based on). It recommends 3.5ghz to 4ghz processors, so a high clock speed or overclocked i3 - could - work. I’m told the 1060 beats the 1050ti even though the base model has less VRAM.


If you’re moving to X-Plane, you might consider using Linux as well (steam is available) so there’s less of an OS overhead and proper multi threading (need citation for that :wink: )


I will look into a dual boot config. My test bed system (personal not Sqn) is a Mac however


Would also go and have a look around all your local squadrons. Don’t just pick one. They all vary quite a lot.