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I’m a former cadet who, after 22 years, is looking to return as CI. My son was keen to join, I’m sorry to say, the SCC. I told him about my time in ATC and it brought back a lot of amazing memories. He is still a bit too young (12 in Feb) but I thought I would get involved.

I’ve been doing some research and it looks like a lot has changed. I remember our CIs used to help out with lectures and come on camps etc. Is that still the same or are CIs expected to have experience or quals these days?

Many thanks


The simple answer is, it depends :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At the very minimum you will need to do an Adult Volunteer Induction Day as well as an Interview with the local sector commander and a DBS (Criminal Records Check) before you can be formally appointed.

As for what you can do as a CI, the world is your oyster, their is very little that CI’s can’t do, if you have the time and the interest you can do pretty much anything. You don’t need any experience to teach most subjects on a parade evening, but for things like Adventure Training and shooting you do need to be qualified these days, but that’s something you can do through the organisation.

It’s worth speaking to your local OC and seeing what he needs and what you can offer. Is their anything in particular that you are interested in doing?


Hi, done the same myself, albeit only a break of 15 years. You are right, lots of changes but theres also a lot of things haven’t changed so much.
CIs still do lectures (they do the majority of them in my place) and the academic syllabus content hasn’t changed much. CIs still go on camps too.
Specific Qualifications aren’t necessary to be a CI but would be required to teach specialised areas (First Aid, Adventure Training etc.), most of these qualifications are internally delivered.
I noticed on my return that CIs were much more heavily involved in the management of the squadron, due to lack of uniform volunteers, so administration experience always comes in handy!


Many thanks for your reply. To answer your question, not really. I have spare time of evenings and weekends and, when he can join, I thought it would be a great thing for my son and I to do together.

I have a meeting with my local sqn and I’ll let them know I’m happy to help out in whatever way I can it’s good to know they won’t necessarily expect me to be fully trained though.


Hi Sierra Tango, thanks for your reply. It funny how much I remember when I put my mind to it. I still know all the drill moves!

Good to know that training is available and in the meantime I can help out in other ways. I’m really looking forward to getting involved. This forum is really useful too.


Be careful about starting at the same time as him as in my experience that can scare them off. I’ve seen plenty of staff join and stay long after the youngster in question has gotten bored and moved on, but I’ve also seen cadets leave because mum or dad has “stolen” their hobby!

I would always advise a parent to either already join before they are old enough or wait 3 or 4 months after they have joined to let them get settled.


Cheers Dawes thanks. I did worry about this. He can’t join until September and I wanted to wait but I’ve decided to join now so I’ll be settled by the time he starts.


I’m currently doing the same, after 10 years out I’m going back, DBS sent off, can’t wait to get stuck in, currently refreshing myself with Air Rex and I’ve been given my first project… to build a Flight simulator for the squadron.


I’m wanting to build a Flight Sim for our unit and the CO knew I enjoyed my flight sim at home when I went for my initial interview but it’s all about the funds :frowning: would love to know how you get on with your build etc


Crikey…I hope you’ve been asked to do that because you can do that! I wouldn’t have a clue.


I’m a little bit of a gamer… I haven’t done a build before but I’m looking forward to it, meeting with the Civ Com tonight over the budget.

The other thing I’m doing is building a website for the squadron, which is what I do for a living, there will be pics of it and videos when it’s all up and running


I built ours to a similar spec as the RAC ones without the frame. It cost £3500.


Start writing letters and bids. Your local Rotary Club, Lions Club, City/Town/Parish/County/UA Council, RFCA, Masons, big businesses with community/social/corporate responsibility programs can all throw money at you. We’ve found writing to them saying “we’re looking for match funding” or specific items gains a better response than “please buy everything”.

A charity I worked at previously got gifted 5 x Sony 28" flatscreens - with HDMI etc - all because they were upgrading their tradestands and would’ve had to pay for disposal of them! They were less than 12 months old. They also paid for extended warranties for us to “top up” the donation.

A little bit of Facebook marketing as a thank you always goes someway to helping afterwards! :slight_smile:

Our flight sim came in at about £1500 - it depends very much on what you want to achieve with it, how much space you have and 101 other things. Ours, for example, we have a shared building with the ACF so, unless we want to clean crayon off the screens every parade night, we need to lock it away every night. That limits it’s size/space/weight requirements - as such, ours is built inside a bespoke mobile cabinet. Which meant tapping up Jewsons & Buildbase for offcuts and donations as well as the Tech companies!


Sorry don’t English CIs have to undergo security vetting as well as DBS ,?


No, they need DBS and part of the application covers the references etc but they don’t need SC unless they are going toonvolved in shooting.


I think we keep tripping over vetting terminology around here.

All CFAVs require a Baseline Security Check (BSC), which is not a “security clearance” but a form of due diligence. It seems to now be called the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)

Higher clearances, such as CTC, SC, DV, are another matter,


Oh yes the really good system of getting two of your mates to say you’re a good bird / bloke.


Shocking no one in NI or from there gets into with out security vetting


It depends on your Wing/Region.
Local rules mean that All our staff have to be SC cleared, no exceptions.

Even our registered Civ Comm are SC cleared now.


Why in gods name do Civ Com need security clearance to look after the funds?